Why Evan Fournier didn’t play after his triumphant match

With a great game against the Celtics earlier in the week, Evan Fournier hoped to do it again this Saturday night, still against Boston. The rear was not yet present for this meeting, and we know the reason: a new blow for him.

Earlier in the week, Evan Fournier set Madison Square Garden on fire with his career record. A magnificent meeting for the French, and with victory as a bonus. Everyone was hoping to do it again this Saturday night, since the franchise was already back in Boston, this time away.

For Tom Thibodeau’s men, things took a turn for the worse with a loss of 75-99. No suspense here, despite a good start for this roster. However, the latter did not count Fournier, since he was absent for this part.

Evan Fournier absent for several games?

Indeed, while we were hoping for a new card from Evan on his old team, everything did not happen. A few hours before the start of the match, we learned that the French would be absent due to injury. A blow for the person concerned, especially since he could miss several meetings.

Evan Fournier has been withdrawn from tonight’s game against the Celtics due to a bruised thigh.

His absence has cost the Knicks dearly, who fall heavily against the Celtics. In front of the media, RJ Barrett confirmed that Evan had missed this roster:

He was sorely missed tonight, especially after his last game. But you have to be able to take over, you have to find a way.

Evan Fournier injured, the Knicks could not count on him against the Celtics. The result is salty, even if the franchise will try to start again in the next meeting. The Frenchman’s absence could last a little longer.

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