Zlatan Ibrahimovic evokes PSG: « Kylian Mbappé is in a comfort zone, he has to smell the taste of blood »

« Do you miss me in France? Since I left, what are you talking about? Nothing !« Zlatan Ibrahimovic has not changed. Or at least, he has decided to remain faithful to his character. It is in these terms that he thus began the interview granted to our colleagues of Telefoot, aired this Sunday. An interview during which he notably returned to his time at Paris Saint-Germain (2012-2016).

The 40-year-old Swedish striker believes he has played a big role in the change of dimension of the club in the French capital. « I was one of the first to come, when the club was bought by the Qataris, he recalls. I saw it change in 48 hours. I am one of those beginnings. I am very proud, because without me, PSG would not have become what it is today. « 

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« Today, (PSG) is not a team »

Quadruple champion of France and author of 156 goals in 180 matches with PSG, « Ibra » did not however offer him the long awaited European consecration. But he considers having proved one thing: he did not come to Ligue 1 for extra-sporting reasons: « People think I came to take money, to enjoy the city, to enjoy life. But no, I came and everything changed. « 

The AC Milan center-forward not only got into megalomania, in this interview for TF1, considering that PSG remain « in a form of ascension« and that its workforce especially lacks cohesion. »We were a team, today it’s not a team« , he thus declares to justify that he places » his « PSG a notch above that of Lionel Messi, Neymar, Kylian Mbappé and co.

« The most attractive combination ahead is Mbappé-Messi »

His advice to Mbappé: « Surround yourself with those who will tell you that you are not good enough »

As for Mbappé, precisely, Ibrahimovic already sees him as one of the very best players in the world. At the top among young people, just like Erling Haaland. However, he thinks the 22-year-old French international needs to take a step forward: « Mbappé, I like him. But what he is doing is not yet enough. He’s in a comfort zone. He must walk on fire to get even better« This untapped potential has something to fantasize about, according to him.

« Imagine how he [Mbappé] can get strong if he hurts himself, continues « Zlatan ». He must smell the taste of blood. « His advice to achieve this: »You need to be surrounded by people who lift you up, but you don’t need to be surrounded by those who tell you you’re the best. Surround yourself with those who will tell you that you are not good enough and you will get better.  »

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