Zion Williamson back on top? The viral video for 2K23!

Achieving a white season at 21 is not reassuring, so inevitably, some fearhave for the rest of Zion Williamson’s career. But if we are to believe his latest video on the set of NBA 2K23, the interior of the Pelicans is back at the top of its game!

Zion Williamson could be one of the most important players in the NBA next season… Indeed, if he returns to 100% of his abilities, if his body finally leaves him alone, if he is as dominant as during his All year -Star, the Pelicans could well establish themselves as the most surprising team in the league, and perhaps even the most dangerous.

Because since the arrival of CJ McCollum last winter, New Orleans is a franchise that is doing well, thanks to the cards from the back but also thanks to the talent of Brandon Ingram, still present in the workforce. If we add to this the work carried out by Jonas Valanciunas in the racket and the defense of the young Herb Jones, we obtain a talented, balanced and powerful workforce.

Zion’s Huge Dunks for NBA 2K23

So logically, if Zion comes back as strong as before his injury, the group should still go into another dimension and terrorize more than one team in this so open Western Conference. The good news for fans is that the young All-Star seems to be in great shape this fall, proof with his participation in the next NBA 2K23. For the game, he went back to dunking without the slightest worry.

While some feared for the rest of his career because of his serious and long foot injury, Zion Williamson seems to be at 100% of his means again, the proof with this series of overpowered dunks in the recording studios of 2K23 . But with the masks, nothing says that this video is from the last few days, which leaves some netizens skeptical about its real condition.

Shouldn’t he be on a treadmill? I’m 78 years old, I’m 1m95, and I’m in better shape than him.

After a white season that left us fearing the worst for the rest of his career, Zion Williamson is back in top form, ready to take the league by storm. He will have the team to shine around him, he will have to show the world that Ja Morant is not the only superstar of the 2019 Draft.

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