Zion reacts to his shock attitude with CJ McCollum

Zion Williamson had not shone with his class when CJ McCollum arrived before the deadline. His behavior then earned him a host of incendiary criticism… The Pelicans season being over, the interior decided to return to this controversy.

Hope had been maintained for a few more days, after New Orleans had achieved the feat of qualifying for the playoffs. Unfortunately, Zion Williamson delivered a blank year in 2021-22. Despite his viral streaks in trainingthe franchise did not want to take risks with the health of Monstar, who was hampered by a stress fracture in his foot and weight concerns during the entire campaign.

Without him, however, the Bayou players fought a real battle against the Suns, even winning two victories against the best record in the league. It wasn’t enough to win the series, but we weren’t already expecting that much from them in the first place and this season is finally akin to a real success, when they had to do without their superstar for a very long time. long months. In his absence, other players took over to lead the Pelicans.

We can, for example, cite Brandon Ingram, who showed good things, but the highlight of the NOLA exercise is undoubtedly the arrival of CJ McCollum, last February. A defector from Portland, the rear didn’t take long to have an immediate impact on the results of his new team, which experienced a real boost in the final sprint under his leadership. The veteran dropped the best stats of his career there, based on 24 points (49% shooting, 39% from afar) and 6 assists on average. Enough to win enough matches for his people to go to the Play-In, then in the post-season.

However, if everyone was delighted with the positive effect he had, his first days in Louisiana had been marked by Williamson’s rather dubious attitude, who had not even deigned to contact him. Many were those who dismantled it for this decision afterwards, and the interior wanted to rectify things recently. In interview with ESPNhe explained that he apologized to his new teammate, while giving reasons for his behavior:

Zion: ‘I wasn’t in a good frame of mind’

« Honestly, I was focused on my rehabilitation at that point, » Williamson said of his lack of communication with his new teammate. “I texted CJ shortly after apologizing. Like I said, I wasn’t in a good frame of mind. Mr. McCollum was cool about it. Like I said, I’m excited to get back on the pitch. »

Everything would therefore be fine now between the two men, and the Pels can therefore have high hopes for next season, especially after the big man’s statement about his future. With the Ingram-Zion-McCollum trio to lead it, Willie Green’s squad can aim for a return to the playoffs and even play the scratchy hairs in the West, provided they strengthen a little during the summer. And then, it will also be necessary to monitor the health of the person concerned, which still and always remains an X factor.

ZIon Williamson claims to have settled everything with CJ McCollum, and we hope for New Orleans fans that this is indeed what happened. After months of doubt, the franchise could once again have a solid base to play elbows with in its conference.

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