« Zion makes me want to vomit »

Videos of Zion Williamson working out always make a big splash, but they’re not for everyone. The proof with a famous journalist who unpinned after the latest… The words used are strong, the interior of the Pelicans taking for his rank.

He may not have set foot on the court in the regular season, Zion Williamson rarely fails to be talked about. His recovery was indeed particularly followed by fans of the league, those of New Orleans hoping in particular that he could return for the post-season. Especially since he knew how to maintain the hype around him, with video footage showing him dropping big dunks.

The problem is that the health of the big man is still worrying and we had the right to confirmation during the Play-In match against Spurs: Duke alum to campaign white. As a result, all these viral clips seem quite useless today and several observers did not hesitate to let it be known. On ESPNStephen A. Smith notably unleashed a scathing diatribe against the Bayou star:

Stephen A. Smith destroys Zion after his viral video

I am disgusted. It makes me want to vomit. What does it bring us as basketball fans, as lovers of this sport? The fact that I see you dunking when you haven’t played a single game this season, how does that help the NBA? It makes me want to vomit. You should have played this year, your legs are obviously fresh.

Obviously, that the Monstar thus goes up to the basket does not mean that he is fit enough to play, but we can understand the frustration of the journalist. Physical phenomenon, the Pelican has not played for a year and it is a real mess that annoys more than one. Some are even showing bad faith now, like Skip Bayless who said he was « worried » by the way Williamson was moving in the images in question:

That video of Zion dunking in pregame warmups… he looks even heavier than ever. He struggled to get up. He looked a little soft after landing, cautiously moving away. These are scary signs.

Stephen A. Smith is not a fan at all of what is coming out right now around Zion Williamson. Anyway, the interior will not tread the grounds in 2021-22 and there is obviously enough to have big regrets.

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