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Scandal in African football.

FIFA announced on Thursday in a press release the banishment of Obert Zhoya, the former secretary general of the referees committee of the Zimbabwe Football Federation. The latter is found guilty of sexual harassment of three referees and is now banned from all football-related activities for a period of five years, as well as a fine of 20,000 Swiss francs.

“The Adjudicatory Chamber of the Independent Ethics Commission has banned Mr. Obert Zhoya, former Secretary General of the Referees Committee of the Zimbabwe Football Association (Zifa) from any football-related activity for a period of five years, after convicting him of abusing his position of sexually harassing three female Zifa referees” can we read in the press release from FIFA.

The first facts were reported in September 2020 but the investigation did not begin until December 2021, after the victims testified to the police. Zhoya harassed his victims with WhatsApp messages asking them to come spend a night with him at the hotel. “I have been on the Zifa panel (the referees) since 2019, I am 30 years old. I expected to be treated with respect, not like a lady of the night” said one of the alleged victims.

As a certain Belgian rapper would say: go outside!


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