Zara hits hard with these 3 ultra-trendy spring handbags that are already a hit

At the house of Zara, we dress from head to toe. And if you need leather goods, you can also find the rare pearl there!

Zara atomizes the competition

As demonstrated in the video above, the brand Zara knows exactly how to please us. Let’s not forget that their most famous ambassador is called Kate Middleton. As proof, at Objeko, we had already done a survey on this subject. By giving you the references of the favorite models of Prince William’s wife, the fairer sex is sure to be fashionable. Even better, we save on the clothing budget of the whole family. Without further ado, we tell you which are the bags with the best quality / price ratio. As spring approaches and the end of the health protocol, it’s time to enjoy them as they deserve!

Long live the deer

(c) Zara

On shoes, coats or now on this handbag, suede is making a remarkable comeback to the front of the stage. Considered a timeless material, you can wear it with jeans as well as with a sweater dress. Moreover, its all-purpose color is widely acclaimed by customers of Zara. This is why, observing its low price, the team ofObjeko considers that it is impossible to walk next to it… under penalty of having immense regrets!

(c) Zara

As we can see, a simple zipper is enough to activate its mechanism. Inside, you can slip your wallet, make-up accessories as well as your diary and smartphone. In the evening with friends or your Valentine, it’s a safe bet that your loved ones will be jealous of you. They will want to know the details so where, when, how you acquired it. If you ever don’t have a Zara nearby, know that you can also order it on the online store. Against the modest sum of sixty euros, it will arrive directly at your home without going through the inconvenience box. You have everything to gain !

QUID of the backpack

(c) Zara

If you need a bag large enough to hold your spare things, then this model of Zara fulfills its part of the contract. In fact, given its color, it can be spotted from miles around and that’s good. Whether it’s to go for a walk in the middle of nature or for his daily sports session (running, swimming pool, etc.), it’s the ideal partner. At the house of Objeko, one wonders how one can do without so far. To try it is simply to adopt it!

(c) Zara

As always, the e-commerce site of Zara welcomes anyone who is too lazy to go shopping. Objects don’t judge yourself. If you order it after reading this article, it means that we have done our job well. In short, it is difficult to ignore this model of bag. On the one hand, in order not to hurt your back, you always need a prototype that has wide and solid shoulder straps. On the other hand, when we go to do emergency food shopping, its volume is of great service to us. This time, you will be asked for thirty euros! In itself, it’s misery compared to famous brands of leather goods. In conclusion, our team is full of praise for its color range. Contrasted with the overly serious khaki, at a glance, this green evokes our love for Mother Nature. Obviously, you have everything to gain!

Tiny; This Zara bag has maximum effect!

(c) Zara

Very classy, ​​this handbag can replace a clutch. And yes, deep inside us, we often have the fear of forgetting it in the evening. Which would be a shame considering the goods it contains. Fortunately, thanks to its long golden shoulder strap, it can be put across under or over the coat. It will be understood, to go to a ceremony with friends, family or colleagues, it is ideal! Impossible to snatch it from you on the way, it remains firmly clinging to you!

(c) Zara

For only forty euros, it is ours. So why continue to do without when you can acquire it? More than ever, we hope that our team’s choices have convinced you to take a walk in a store with a storefront or on the official website. Scoop, the latest collection of Zara succeeds in persuading us. And for good reason, the designers have competed in ingenuity to arouse our favorites. Who will be the most beautiful this season? YOU… without the slightest hesitation!

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