Zaire Wade empties his bag and gives a rant!

While he will land in the professional world, Zaire Wade has chosen to settle some scores. Dwyane’s 19-year-old son wants to let all NBA followers know several things. And it is successful.

While the younger Bronny James is still in high school, his ex-teammate at Sierra Canyon has got a bit of a head start on his path. Indeed, Zaire Wade was recently drafted in 10th position of the 2021 G-League vintage, and it is on the side of the Salt Lake City Stars, an affiliated franchise of Jazz, that the young man will soon make his debut.

Not really ranked among the best prospects in high school and college, Zaire was therefore selected by the franchise in which his legendary father works, which did not fail to raise several accusations of favoritism among Internet users …

Zaire Wade shatters misconceptions about him

Well aware of the gossip, the young man chose to react himself. Clearly and clearly:

“I think a lot of people think I’m not a hard-working kid who gets everything on a silver platter. If you don’t know me, don’t say that. Nothing is given to me ”

– Zaire Wade

With that tune-up, Wade was able to focus on his big debut, in the Stars’ final pre-season game last night.

Unfortunately for Zaire, his performance will not necessarily silence his detractors, since he did not score a single point (0/2) in shooting in 22 minutes during the defeat of his family, despite 4 distilled assists. Let’s blame that on stage fright, and let’s hope the Flash offspring gets more inspired in the season opener, which takes place on November 5th.

Zaire Wade wants to be clear: he’s not an upstart, and he clearly deserves his place in the G-League. Now, it is clearly necessary that the performances follow to support all this …

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