Zack Britton kicked off a practice session in front of some interested teams

There aren’t many quality relievers left available on the free agent market. Some have had success in the past, while others pose a significant risk of injury.

Among those who tick both boxes is Zack Britton. In order to convince a formation to bet on him, the left-hander wanted to launch a training session in front of certain teams interested in acquiring his services.

The identities of the organizations present at the scene are not known, but we can expect the Chicago Cubs and New York Mets, among others, to be on the case.

Since moving into the bullpen in 2014, Britton has generated a turnover rate of over 75%. This is an extraordinary mark since it is by far the highest rate in MLB among the 557 pitchers who have recorded at least 200 innings during this period.

However, in his last two campaigns it was a different story altogether, with injuries limiting him to less than twenty innings of work in total. It’s hard to be successful in these circumstances…

The asking price will remain to be seen, as Britton will be competing against relievers who are always free as air, including Andrew Chafin, Corey Knebel, Matt Moore and Will Smith, to name a few.

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