Yvan Éon collects everything and especially Ferrari objects

 » I’m crazy ! Dedicate a room in your house entirely to your collection? For Yvan Éon, this dream has come true. This resident of Saint-Caradec (22) suffers from a very severe addiction: acute collectionitis. According to our calculations, he has accumulated 36 different (and again, has he shown us everything?) and serious collections: a minimum of ten units for each. “I do it at heart, he pleads. The problem is that I have a lot! »

Mugs, Pokémon figurines, radio sets…

Because he collects everything. Absolutely everything. “Even the candy wrappers, laments his wife, Dominique. Even that ! There is a name for this addiction: hoarding. The man has so many that his house has become too cramped. He was therefore “forced” to buy premises, 30 meters from his home, to continue collecting. « Over there, it’s a shambles. Hell”. It’s simple: they are everywhere. Dozens of mugs hanging from the ceiling. In the background, a (long) series of radio sets, right next to the pine trees. “And that’s just the ground floor. This guy is crazy, this guy is crazy! »

It's always the same thing with Yvan Eon: when presenting a collection, he explains that he has “not much”.  Here, his impressive series of mugs
It’s always the same with Yvan Éon: by presenting a collection, he explains that he has « not much ». Here, his impressive series of mugs (Le Télégramme / Alexandre Mazel)

Yvan Éon has a simplistic vision of the collection: anything can be amassed. On the shelves, “collector” cans mingle with Pokémon figurines, ovens, screen-printed wine bottles – “I have the one from Loudéac! » – pogs, perfume miniatures, champagne corks, beer caps…

Collector and creator

In a corner of the room, there is even… A WC.  » I love ! It’s original, isn’t it? I found it in a dumpster. And then there are his “works of art”. Because the Caradocean is also a creator. At the entrance stands a miniature reproduction of the contemporary work Long Term Parking: like the artist Arman, he has piled up carcasses, cast in concrete. « And if you have 5 minutes, I make my masterpiece! » Before our eyes, an old bathtub comes out of nowhere. Fills her with hundreds of capsules of Kinder Surprise (because the man is also ovokindersurprisophile). And, highlight of the show, add the inflatable doll mascot!

Here, he is in one of his “creations”: a bubble bath.  Clearly, a bathtub filled with Kinder Surprise capsules and inflatable Shokobons
Yvan Éon is here in one of his “creations”: a bubble bath. Clearly, a bathtub filled with Kinder Surprise capsules and inflatable Shokobons (Le Télégramme / Alexandre Mazel)

An attic transformed into a museum

But beyond all these whims that sometimes lead to the unreasonable, the life of Yvan Éon could be summed up in seven letters: Ferrari. “I look for it all the time”. His wife nods. “There isn’t a month when a package doesn’t arrive! The couple may have agreed to confine the collection to a single room, but it overflows. On the stairs, the wall is filled with license plates. In the master bedroom, a window full to bursting. “And that is nothing! You haven’t seen the attic…”

There’s not a day that I don’t come

The room is literally full, you can barely walk. But no mess: the collector is very meticulous, everything is classified and sorted. “When I’m bored, I stay there until 5 am. There is not a day when I do not come”.

500 miniature cars and… the Ferrari thong

A real cave of Ali Baba. If a Ferrari product exists, there is little chance that it has escaped him. In addition to the 500 miniature cars – « This one cannot be found in France, it’s a limousine! » -, the room is full of wacky treasures. Bottle opener, landline phone, car seat, Barbie, coffee table, earrings and… Ferrari thong (yes, there is!). And again, not everything is visible. « In these boxes, I have clothes: balaclavas, neck warmers, t-shirts, shoes… »

Portrait of Yvan Eon, resident of Saint-Caradec with an impressive collection of Ferrari brand objects.
Yvan Éon is a crazy collector with a very colorful personality. Here, we see him in an electric car, for children (Le Télégramme / Alexandre Mazel)

Without forgetting his most beautiful pieces. A bronze portrait of Enzo Ferrari – the founding father of the brand – found by chance at Mont-Saint-Michel and a boat, paid for €80, “extremely rare. Did you know they did that? »

Reasonable budget

He hunts and hunts again, constantly skimming flea markets and flea markets. But there is one reasonable thing in his unreasonable passion: the budget. He claims to aim “less than 15 €. I search online resale sites and mainly target China and copies. They are really well done there.”

I dream of visiting the Ferrari headquarters in Maranello. It would be my Lourdes to me

And here is the secret of a crazy collection, part of a crush. « I remain an amateur, I don’t want to hear about market value ». The idyll is not about to stop. “I dream of visiting the Ferrari headquarters in Maranello. It would be my own Lourdes”.

Yvan Éon is parting with several collections: Kinder figurines, cinema posters and bandage gauzes from the Ministry of War, unopened, dating from 1953. Contact: eonyvan@orange.fr

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