Youtubeur Jake Paul is favorite against Ben Askren … Really?

The wonderful world of boxing will never cease to amaze me. For better or for worse, it should be said. In the case that interests us today, it is for the worst. I didn’t mean to tell you about this fight between mixed martial arts veteran, Ben Askren, and Youtuber Jake Paul. However, taking a look at the other boxing odds offered by the colleagues of Mise-O-Jeu +, those of the Askren-Paul duel set the powder on fire. Why? Well because it is the Youtubeur who is established as the favorite! Really?! As a big boxing fan, I admit that it came to get me a little.

“Yes, but Paul is 2-0 in boxing! « MOJ-150421-BOXE2

When you look at it quickly, yes, it is. He is even 2-0 with two victories by KO. But against whom? First against a British Youtuber to start his « career ». Then? He faced a champion! Triple champion, even! Nate Robinson. The three-time champion… of the NBA dunk contest! Quite an opposition to the sound of the bell, that!

I’m not saying that Jake Paul doesn’t have the skills to box, on the contrary. He has shown great things. On the other hand, my point is that it is very easy to put together a good record. We have seen it often with real boxers, and Paul is no different. On Saturday night he will have his first real opposition in a ring, and he might well find it less funny. Whoever wants to be a good boxer! I’m living proof of that, but that’s a whole different story!

« Yes, but Askren is not a puncher! » « 

That is also true! Askren has always been known to be much more dangerous on the ground than standing. But it should be remembered that he still won six mixed martial arts fights by knockout. or K.-O. technical. Askren retired with a 19-2 record in 2019 before undergoing a hip replacement.

Although not Mike Tyson, Askren is a much more accomplished fighter than his opponent, who previously won Bellator and ONE titles before joining the UFC. However, no title in the Dunk Contest. Could it work against him on Saturday, according to you?

Defensive side, Askren is able to take it solidly. During his entire MMA career, only one man was able to send him on his back and make him stay there: Jorge Masvidal. And not with punches! It took him a knee while jumping (Flying Knee) to overcome the American! As good a puncher as he is, Paul isn’t Iron Mike, either. Which tells me that Askren will stay on his feet.

His experience in fight preparation and training will surely work in his favor, too.

That’s why I recommend that you look at the win options for Ben Askren. He’s not a big puncher, so the decision, which pays four times the bet, seems the most logical option.

Hamilton vs Verstappen, round 2

After a battle in the ring, it’s time to battle on the track! The Grand Prix Emilia-Romagna will be presented at the end of the week on the legendary circuit of Imola, in Italy. After an exciting first Grand Prix that crowned Lewis Hamilton ahead of Max Verstappen, three weeks ago in Bahrain, everything indicates that the same two drivers will host the show once again this weekend.


The young Red Bull rider is once again established as a slight favorite to win. He had the best car on the first weekend of the season. So that should still be the case at the end of the week. The big boss of Mercedes, Toto Wolff, has also admitted that the Silver Arrows (now black?) « Still lack rhythm ». As we have seen in Bahrain, the car is not everything. Hamilton and his team managed the race very well, so that the four-time defending champion finds himself in his usual place: at the top of the drivers’ standings.

Withdrawn from the Formula 1 calendar in 2006 before being brought back last year, the Imola circuit represents a great challenge for several drivers, who know it less. This was no problem for Hamilton, who won last year at the very spot where his idol Ayrton Senna lost his life in 1994.

Once again, Sunday, we should have the right to a very interesting race, especially as we expect rain! So I once again lean towards Hamilton to get on the top step of the podium.

Among the other betting offers on the Grand Prix Emilia-Romagna, you can bet for the pilots who will climb, precisely, on the podium, without worrying about the step they will occupy. Hamilton, Verstappen and even Valtteri Bottas are logical choices, but behind, several could invite themselves to the party. Watch Charles Leclerc at Ferrari and Daniel Ricciardo at McLaren.

Another 2 in 2 for the Canadian

After a performance like that of Thursday, it’s quite difficult to predict success for the Habs, who are preparing to play two games in two days at the end of the week. Note the meeting times: Friday at 6 p.m. against the Flames, and Saturday at 4 p.m. against the Senators.

The Canadian has been playing without soul and without passion for a few games. Dominique Ducharme made no secret of it after the 4-1 loss to Calgary on Thursday: his team got what they deserved. While the Flames are in survival mode and absolutely need to put in points in the standings to hope to advance to the playoffs, it looks like the Canadian has eased its footing and is taking its place in the playoffs a bit for granted. And in terms of the show, it’s quite sad, thank you. Result: Montreal has conceded four losses in regulation in its last five outings. Young people cannot do it all on their own, and veterans are starting to be out of breath. That does not bode well for the CH at the end of the week… especially in a situation of two games in less than 24 hours!

The most annoying part of all this is that this team can come out like a lion on Saturday, for no logical reason and (again) make me lie. It seems like this is the story of my choices for CH this year: always against the grain! So do what you want with it, but I won’t put a penny on a Canadiens win this weekend. I prefer the Flames and the Senses. Wish all the supporters that I am wrong.

So with that, dear friends, I wish you a nice sports weekend. Go to to place your bets. Always play responsibly. We’ll talk again next week!

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