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Tenth nation in the world (only one rank behind Germany), Denmark certainly deserves its invitation to the Deutschland Cup, having been invited only once 15 years ago… and who finished last even being beaten by Japan ! There is no one left who knew this era, Julian Jakobsen having announced his international retirement.

The Danes have applied themselves to selecting their best formation, minus the detrimental injuries like their striker Nicklas Jensen. For the first time in their history, they created a B team, called “Next Generation” and sent to Norway at the same time. A sign of the widening reservoir in a country that historically had few internationals.

Toni Söderholm chose for his part to summon a young team from Germany. Even before the last minute changes (Alexander Blank in place of sick Taro Jentzsch and Julius Karrer in place of injured Tobias Fohrler), he wanted to observe a team to be gauged, where only three players (Nowak, Michaelis and Tiffels) exceed the 25 selections. Three rookies are lined up tonight: striker Luis Schinko – who has emerged internationally as Wolfsburg’s top scorer in the CHL – and defenders Jan-Luca Sennhenn and Luca Zitterbart. The rear lines are particularly tender. With veteran Marco Nowak left in the stands, the most experienced is Colin Ugbekile with just… 12 caps.

Germany nevertheless proved to be defensively stable from the start of the match. She is less at ease offensively. It certainly combines on its first numerical advantage (high stick of Meyer), but without success. The home team keep the upper hand in the duels, but they need a hint of luck to finally open the score. The center of captain Marc Michaelis, intended for Wohlgemuth, is deflected against his camp by the stick of Danish defender Anders Koch. But this same Koch makes up for it by equalizing from the blue line before the break.

Denmark came out of the locker room very strong and pressed the Germans into their zone with a more aggressive game. Goaltender Dustin Strahlmeier must make a spectacular mitt save against Morten Poulsen. The first local penalty is then whistled against Alexander Ehl (hang). Nicolai Meyer, unopposed in the slot, took the opportunity to give the visitors the advantage. Once trailing, Germany gradually picked up the thread of their game. Patient behind the goal, Alexander Blank served a perfect pass to Daniel Schmölz for the equaliser.

The Germans rather dominate the rest of the match, but with few opportunities to put in their mouths. Frederik Dichow, the young goalkeeper of Frölunda, signs a superb save just before the siren against Blank. In extra time, Felix Scheel concedes a penalty shot, but Marc Michaelis, the Langnau striker, also fails against Dichow. It is the beginner Luis Schinko who triggers the decisive counter-attack. Schmölz’s shot was then blocked by Jesper Jensen Aabo, but the Nuremberg winger converted his second chance and gave Germany victory in front of a very sparse home crowd.

Post-match comments :

Toni Söderholm (Germany coach): “We played with freshness and a lot of tempo. The guys fought very well. We took a bit of time to find our game but it was better after the first minutes of the first and second periods. We were the better team overall. Each player has taken responsibility and that makes me happy. All the newbies made a strong entry. »

Jan Luca Sennhenn (Germany defender): “It made me very happy and of course it’s a great honor to be able to play here. In the end we were able to get the win. A match in the national team is something other than in the league, you have to get used to it. I think that will be the case during the tournament. Between Cologne and Krefeld, it’s a leap forward, it’s all the more beautiful as my family was there to see me start. »

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Germany – Denmark 3-2 after extra time (1-1, 1-1, 0-0, 1-0)
Thursday November 10, 2022 at 7:45 p.m. at the Yayla Arena in Krefeld. 1680 spectators.
Referees: Marian Rohatsch (GER) and Martin Fraňo (TCH) assisted by Joshua Römer and Tobias Schwenk (GER).
Penalties: Germany 2′ (0′, 2′, 0′, 0′); Denmark 2′ (2′, 0′, 0′, 0′).
Shots: Germany 28 (7, 9, 7, 5); Denmark 27 (4, 14, 6, 3).

Score evolution:
1-0 at 15’09: Michaelis assisted by Ugbekile and Wohlgemuth
1-1 at 18’56: Koch assisted by M. Eller and K. Jensen
1-2 at 25’49: Mayer assisted by Aagaard and From (num. sup.)
2-2 at 32’47: Schmölz assisted by Blank and Karrer
3-2 at 63’30: Schmölz assisted by A. Eder and Schinko


Dominik Bokk (+1) – Marc Michaelis (C, +1) – Tim Wohlgemuth (+1)
Maximilian Kammerer (-1) – Andreas Eder – Frederik Tiffels
Daniel Schmolz (+2) – Alexander Blank (+1) – Luis Schinko (+2)
Samuel Soramies – Tobias Eder – Alexander Ehl (2′)

Leon Hüttl (-1) – Mario Zimmermann (-1)
Marcus Weber – Luca Zitterbart
Janik Moser (+1) – Julius Karrer (+1)
Jan Luca Sennhenn – Colin Ugbekile (+1)

Guardian :
Dustin Strahlmeier

Substitute: Mirko Pantkowski (G). In reserve: Tobias Ancicka (L), Marco Nowak, Eric Mik (R), Justin Schütz, Tim Fleischer, Danjo Leonhardt (A).


Mathias From – Patrick Bjorkstrand (-2) – Morten Poulsen
Felix Scheel – Christian Wejse – Joachim Blichfeld
Matthias Asperup (-1) – Christopher Frederiksen – Nicolai Meyer (-1, 2′)
Mikkel Aagaard (-1) – Mads Eller – Kristian Jensen

Morten Jensen – Jesper Jensen Aabo (-1)
Matias Lassen (-1) – Oliver Lauridsen
Rasmus Lyo – Anders Koch
Malta Setkov – Nicolai Weichel (-1)

Guardian :
Frederik Dichow

Substitute: George Sørensen (G). Reservists: Mads Larsen (D), Søren Nielsen, Sebastian Ehlers (A).

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