“You have won everything but you are the eternal second”

Antonio Cassano doesn’t miss a thing, even when it comes to Cristiano Ronaldo. The former Italy international has been harshly critical of the Portugal striker since his move to Juventus, and on Tuesday he left a new message. In the middle of the Sanremo festival in Italy, Cassano made a direct link between Cristiano Ronaldo and Toto Cotugno, an Italian singer who ranked second six times at the said festival.

“Dear Cristiano, listen to me carefully: you are strong, you have won a lot… But you are like Toto Cotugno, the eternal second of Sanremo”, Cassano spoke in a video shared on social media, drawing laughter from those in attendance.

Cassano has not yet revealed who the first is, but he has said on other occasions that he is a loyal defender of Lionel Messi as the best in the world. This also explains the successive tackles sent to Cristiano Ronaldo.


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