« You can’t blame Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving for that »

Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving have not been spared since the elimination of the Nets, including in relation to the upcoming Finals. However, a former player came to their rescue recently, explaining that some of the taunts were completely unfair.

The least we can say is that the haters of Kevin Durant and of Kyrie Irving must celebrate this end of the 2021-22 financial year. On the one hand, the two superstars came out in the first round following a nasty sweep against Boston. On the other hand, the teams present in the Finals, namely the Warriors and the Celtics, are none other than their respective former teams before they decided to play together in Brooklyn.

As a result, the fans of the franchises concerned did not fail to throw big tackles at them following their qualification, KD taking in particular for his rank. They are therefore blamed for having made the wrong choice, but JJ Redick thinks this speech is totally irrelevant. The ex-NBA player came to lend a hand to the leaders of the Blacks and Whites recently, explaining that they could not be considered stupid following their decision:

JJ Redick defends KD and Kyrie’s arrival at the Nets

If we’re talking about them leaving their team… I think the answer to that question is that neither of them look dumb in this story and neither should look dumb because we’re talking about something which happened three years ago. And in fact, yes, the Golden State Warriors are back in the Finals. The Boston Celtics are back in the Finals. I understand that.

But there are so many things that have to happen to get there. Whether it’s Klay Thompson missing two seasons with injury, Kevin Durant coming back from injury, Boston finding a way to bring Al Horford back because they signed Kemba Walker and used the trade exception. There are too many things to take into account to only remember that.

For the trouble, the argument of the former sniper stands up completely. At the time, it would have been difficult to say with certainty that Boston would be in the Finals in 2022, even if there were encouraging signs of progress. As for the Warriors, they had to deal with the long absence of their rear as well as a quasi-white year of Stephen Curry in 2019-20. We expected them to come back to the top at some point, but so quickly? Not sure.

JJ Redick doesn’t want Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving to be laughed at because their ex-franchises are now in the Finals. It’s just a coincidence, and the two superstars can’t read the future, after all.

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