« Yes I can say it, I cried a lot … It was hard »

The season remains full of promise for many players, but has already offered a cruel ending to others. The Warriors can in particular regret their end of course at the gates of the playoffs. One of them admits not having been able to hold back his tears when he learned of his fate.

Players and fans alike initially hoped for a serious run for the title. Then, the relapse of Klay Thompson greatly upset their plans. Following this big blow, the Warriors refocused their goals for the season around a simple participation in the playoffs. This will ultimately remain in the order of an unfinished dream.

Despite its 8th place in the West, the Stephen curry has indeed paid the price for the new qualifying format for the finals, eliminated during the play-in. The Chef and Draymond green could therefore deplore a second consecutive year without a postseason. James Wiseman, he will have to wait for his sophomore exercise to find out.

After 39 appearances on the whole encouraging, the pivot of 20 years could only follow, helpless, the crippling defeat to the Grizzlies. Knee injury since April, he could not even make his contribution in the last weeks of competition. He returned to this delicate period, in a video chronicle for The Undefeated.

It was hard. I really got down on my spirits. I can say that I cried a lot. Yeah, it was hard. My mom even had to tell me that everything would be fine. Fortunately, my family is very supportive of me. Me, I’m a strong person, so I’ve managed to move on over time. But I love basketball so much that I couldn’t accept not to play with my teammates. It took a lot of mental impulse from me.

Strong words, at the height of Wiseman’s passion for the sport he practices. His long stay in the infirmary may have reminded him of old traumas. After only 3 games in the NCAA under the colors of the college of Memphis, the interior had indeed had to give up his university season, caught up by the patrol for a big money story.

A year later, it was an even more painful conclusion that punctuated his rookie campaign. J-Wise, however, seems to have digested this episode, and seems ready to return to the courts with plenty of ambitions next fall. Golden State would then have to nurture big goals again, which probably over-motivates him.

Broke in full swing, James Wiseman admits having let his emotions speak in the private sphere. He should nevertheless come back even hungrier, following this disappointment now over.

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