“Yeah, I turned down 2 million from Michael Jordan to go to his party”

Known for his high-profile parties in the 1990s at the height of his fame, Michael Jordan had it all: money, fame, power and a charisma that never left him. However, the divine bald still suffered the refusal of a big star, who refused to come to his party despite the 2 million dollars offered…

Let’s be clear: in the NBA, no one has ever managed to override Magic Johnson’s impact on the nightlife. Renowned throughout the league for his gargantuan and sexual parties in Hollywood, the Lakers point guard retains his nocturnal king label to this day. Several suitors have however also made their own in this area, like, in another register, Michael Jordan.

His Airness was a fan of private parties, under control, with a drastic selection at the entrance which allowed him to finally release the pressure. Above all, his addiction was not about sex but about gambling. It therefore needed the presence of big bettors, ready to gamble colossal sums and lose them, to put the sparkle in the eyes of number 23.

The star who turned down 2 million euros to go to a Michael Jordan party

Speaking of money, crazy financial offers were legion for MJ, who didn’t count his pennies. Once, the six-time NBA champion, for example, took out the checkbook to secure the services of Snoop Dogg during one of his big parties. The problem, unforeseen, is that the rapper simply refused the offer. This is what he said recently during his visit to Jake Paul’s podcast:

One of the craziest deals I turned down was $2 million to DJ at a party hosted by Michael Jordan. I said no. Why ? Damn man, I don’t know, I had to have another client somewhere else…

A refusal all the more regrettable that since then, Snoop Dogg has still not had the chance to see MJ in the flesh. A regret for the artist:

I’ve never seen Michael Jordan in my life, but I always want to meet him.

Not sure that the reciprocal is true, especially when we know the legendary resentment of MJ… Snoop can console himself by remembering that he is not a fan of the Bulls anyway, but rather of the Lakers. Often seen around the Staples Center, the rapper does not hide his great passion for purples and golds. In the recent difficulties of the franchise, he has also distinguished himself by several rants which have a great echo on the networks.

There aren’t many on the planet who would be willing to turn down $2 million to go to a Michael Jordan party, but it makes sense that Snoop Dogg is one of them. Despite everything, we seem to feel a hint of regret in the interpreter of “Lay Low”. And that’s understandable…

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