Yankees need to find a center fielder

In a vitally important series against the Tampa Bay Rays, the New York Yankees placed outfielder Aaron Judge in center field in Game 3.

Manager Aaron Boone made it clear, however, that while Judge wasn’t set to become the team’s regular center fielder, it wouldn’t be the only time the Judge would be seen in that position.

“Obviously, we understand that we are in unique circumstances right now. Aaron is excited to take on the challenge. He’s a great outfield and a good athlete. Basically he’s incredibly strong on defense. We’ll see how our situation evolves and see what our roster will look like as the season unfolds. Circumstances change. « 

Judge can get the job done, but despite his defensive talent, this is not an ideal situation, due to his poor health and the complexity of the position. The Yankees can’t afford to lose the giant and the main player must continue to focus on his stick.

Brian Cashman will therefore have to take a rabbit out of his hat in order to remedy this shortcoming. And Ketel Marte MUST be THE name at the top of his list, even if that means parting with Deivi Garcia. You have to pay to get something good in return.

Indeed, Marte can evolve in the center field and the shortstop, two places on the ground where the Bombardiers of the Bronx need reinforcement. Plus, he hits from both sides of the plate, another need for the Yankees (left-handed hitter). If Cashman only makes one transaction by the deadline, this is it.

Whether Marte will be available will remain to be seen.

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