XIII ARMCHAIR / ELITE 1. « At our level, it’s not a leisure sport »


The two blank years due to Covid have left their mark. To the point of compromising the disabled section of the SOA, created in 2011. “We almost did not restart”, recognizes Marc Verdi, player and manager of the Avignon team. “It is finally thanks to the agreement with the Cavaillon club that we were able to start the season. Four players joined us. Luckily they were there! And in addition, they are progressing quickly, like Florian Sofia who, in particular, released a very big match 10 days ago in the Basque Country against Aingirak Euskadi with whom we were in the fight for qualification. »

Marc Verdi points out the difficulty of increasing the ranks of a team. Knowing that it is made up of disabled people but also able-bodied people. Both men…


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