Xbox Game Pass signs Football Manager 2023 into your squad for multiple seasons

A few days ago we learned that the console version of the great Football Manager 2023 would be coming to Game Pass on November 8th (Right now!), and now we can also confirm that Microsoft has signed it for multiple seasons. It has not transpired how much, although it is assured that it is for a long period, nor the amount for which it has been made effective.

Football management and Xbox football fans are in luck

In France, there is a very long, healthy and well-established tradition with football managers thanks to PC Fútbol, ​​the successful Spanish manager. This news therefore has a particular depth and importance in our country. For our part, at Netcost, we already count the praise of the game in our analysis. Alberto Zaragoza told us there that it was « a near-perfect formula that just keeps getting better, » while acknowledging the historic importance of the Sports Interactive franchise.

In his latest opus, deeper but at the same time more accessible, the only criticism that can be made of him, in addition to his continuous tone (it is difficult to improve on the perfect, everything must be said) is his graphic aspect, which does not hasn’t just taken the leap to new levels. Although we all know that in this type of game it’s the least important thing, it wouldn’t hurt to take pleasure in the eyes in addition to doing it via the controller.

Xbox Game Pass signs Football Manager 2023 into your squad for multiple seasons

If you want to know more about the game, today at Netcost we publish an interview with the director of Sports Interactive, Miles Jacobson. It was in the London offices, and he told us about a lot of things that will surely interest you, such as what’s new in this new opus, the challenge posed by the game’s huge database, and how Football Manager is for him a reference in real football clubs. You have it available at this link for your enjoyment.

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