X star, Kendra Lust reacts to the soap opera Zion Williamson!


New Orleans Pelicans NBA player Zion Williamson (left) and famous porn actress Kendra Lust (right)

Pierre Haessig / @kendralust

A leading player at the start of the NBA offseason, Zion Williamson owes this status not only to transfer rumours, but also to his viral beef with porn actress Moriah Mills. “Colleague” of the latter, Kendra Lust recently commented on this case.

Some fans would almost forget his sporting situation, however worrying. While he chained injuries and periods of unavailability, Zion Williamson has been talking about him more for his intimate life for a few weeks. And for good reason, since the no less famous Moriah Mills makes sure to reveal the smallest details in a public way in order to harm the interior of the Pelicans.

Kendra Lust bent over Zion Williamson case

Much more attached to Zion than the reverse, Mills did not accept the fact that the latter announced his future paternity with another woman. Since then, she has multiplied the incendiary publications about her on social networks, even going as far as threats. Even crazier, the adult film actress has just posted on Instagram a photo… of a pregnancy test with a positive result, followed by a survey:

According to these two stories, Mills would also have become pregnant with Williamson and would already be thinking about the name of their baby. His fans thus have the choice between Zion Jr… and Zoriah. Regardless of its veracity, this plot twist confirms that the porn star no longer has the slightest limit about this story. A wacky statistical comparison supports this statement and amused her famous colleague, Kendra Lust:

Moriah Mills: 135 tweets about Zion
Zion Williamson: 114 NBA games

Kendra Lust: Haha

Better indeed to take this whole file as a joke.

Spectator of the settling of accounts between Moriah Mills and Zion Williamson, Kendra Lust was openly amused by the relentlessness of her fellow. And to think that the parallel would be even crazier if the Twitter account of the latter had not been blocked!


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