WWE legend cracks: “I know MJ, but LeBron is the GOAT! »

When he retires, LeBron James will have plenty to make in the hunt for the GOAT title, and that would be even more the case with a new title... But for a WWE legend, even without adding a single line to his track record, the King would be the greatest.

LeBron James was back in Cleveland on Tuesday for a game that was a real test for the Lakers. Indeed, if they are better for a few days, a victory against the solid Cavaliers could really have launched the season of this still ambitious franchise. Unfortunately, Anthony Davis injury and the explosion of the new prince of the city will have got the better of the hopes of Purple and Gold.

Ric Flair praises LeBron James!

In the defeat of his people, LeBron James has in any case not been unworthy, even if he is no longer necessarily able to carry a franchise as he did in his youth. He still finished with 21 points, 17 rebounds and 4 assists, numbers that seriously impressed WWE legend Ric Flair. For the « Nature Boy », the King would even be the GOAT.

I’m looking at you right now! LeBron, if you don’t play a single minute, if you don’t score a single point, if you don’t win a single game in your career, YOU ARE THE GREATEST PLAYER EVER!!! FYI: I know Michael Jordan and Magic Johnson, and I met Wilt Chamberlain back then. I have so much respect for him!!!! WOOOO

For Ric Flair, considered the greatest wrestler of all time by some observers, LeBron would also be installed at the prestigious GOAT’s table, in front of players like Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson or even Wilt Chamberlain, whom he was able to see evolve with his own eyes. The King will no doubt appreciate the message of such a legend!

In a few months, LeBron James will become the best marker pen in regular season history, a feat that should earn him more points in the NBA GOAT standings. But for Ric Flair, this distinction will only be a bonus.

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