WRESTLING/SAMBO: French University Championship in Dijon on March 23 and 24

The Bourgogne-Franche-Comté League of University Sport, supported by the French Wrestling Federation, announces two days of wrestling and sambo at the sports hall on the Dijon university campus on March 23 and 24. 150 athletes are expected. At least twenty national titles will be awarded.

The championship

The French FFSU (French Federation of University Sports) wrestling championship takes place every year in different universities in France. For the 2022 edition, the University of Burgundy will host the event.

This competition brings together the best wrestlers from university sports associations in France. Participation in the regional championships is mandatory to be selected for the individual CFU.

This year around 150 athletes will come to defend the colors of their establishment on March 23 and 24, 2022 at the Dijon sports hall.

The competition is organized in two forms: the individual championship and the team championship.

As a reminder, wrestling is a gripping sport whose purpose is to knock the opponent down on the ground by means of technical-tactical combinations and to keep him with both shoulders flat against the mat: this is the pinfall.

Sambo is a gripping combat sport based on contact and hand-to-hand combat. He has his own seizures and original techniques.

The competition

The Individual French Wrestling/Sambo Championship
Participants will fight against each other based on their weight class and gender. Each fight is organized as follows: two periods of three minutes.
This competition takes place over two days: the afternoon for the qualifications and the following morning for the finals.
At the end of this championship, ten French university wrestling champion titles (5 weight categories per sex) and ten French university sambo champion titles (5 weight categories per sex) will be awarded.

The French wrestling/sambo team championship
The teams are mixed: minimum three students including one girl.
The referee conducts a first draw to identify the first bout of the team match. A second draw will designate the team that will choose to start the first fight with the sambo jacket or not. The other fights will then be alternated jacket/without jacket.
The winning team of the match is the one with the most points at the end of the five fights. The duration of a fight is 3 minutes per game or the first to 3 points.
At the end of this competition, a trophy will be awarded to the winning teams in wrestling and sambo.

The organization

The French university wrestling/sambo championship is organized by the Bourgogne-Franche-Comté University Sport League with the support of the French Wrestling Federation.
The students of the L3 Sport Management promotion of the UFR STAPS in Dijon are also part of the organization of this championship, which is compulsory in their university course. Some of the students from the L2 Sport Management promotion will be present at different time slots.
The presence of at least three referees appointed by the French Wrestling Federation (FFL) and the National Technical Director (DTN), in wrestling as in sambo, plus twelve regional FFL referees is required.


The results of the event will be given in real time and broadcast on the display screens.
They will also be put online as soon as possible after the events on the Facebook page of the Regional University Sports Committee (CRSU) and on its website.


The program

The partners

We would like to thank all of our partners who support us in the organization of this championship:

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