Would NHL 21 allow major trades for Marc Bergevin?

With the trade deadline fast approaching, we feel that the trading market is finally starting to activate. As a hockey fan, there is nothing better than a game, but transactions are not far behind because they always arouse passions and can be talked about for years.

Featured Image: RDS

The proof? Antonin Besner identified the three major trades from Marc Bergevin that are still talked about today and asked NHL 21 what the game thinks about them. We all have our opinion on these exchanges (and as Antonin mentions, some of them have had time to change), but it’s always good to see what the EA Sports algorithm thinks of Marc’s work. Bergevin all these years later.

The three transactions Antoninus unearthed are those of Max Pacioretty, Jonathan Drouin and PK Subban. Before watching the video, you can try to guess what the verdict of EA Sports will be. Without selling punch, the CEO of the Canadian is not too likely to persist for a long time with the verdict of the video game.

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