Worst possible news for the Lakers, maximum pressure!

This Sunday evening, the Lakers play the most important game of their season against the Pelicans. A meeting that must not be lost, at the risk of falling in the play-in race. This Saturday, they have already received the worst news: the right to make mistakes does not exist.

After a relatively disappointing season, the Lakers are not yet certain to reach the playoffs in a few weeks. For that, you will have to qualify for the play-in, and hope to win it. Otherwise, needless to say, fans will be furious, with a summer that promises to be very hectic for Russell Westbrook and Company.

But for now, nothing is lost yet. Frank Vogel’s men have the possibility of qualifying, but watch out for the meetings to come. We think of that of this Sunday evening, since the Angelinos face the Pelicans, just behind them for this 9th place in the West. Bad news ? The Spurs are also there.

The Lakers followed by two teams in the West!

San Antonio is coming back like a rocket to the West, and this Saturday’s result confirms it. The franchise beat… the Pelicans, with a score of 107-103, and is 1.5 games behind the Lakers. A loss to New Orleans, and LeBron James’ teammates will have to keep looking in their rearview mirror.


If the Pels win on Sunday, they will pass 9th, with the tie-breaker on the Lakers. In the event of a tie, New Orleans will qualify, which is a significant advantage. However, we must especially be wary of the Spurs, who have every intention of qualifying and coming back in force. let’s remember that their schedule is also more favorable.

After the victory, Dejounte Murray did not hide his ambition with San Antonio:

Obviously, we want to be present for the play-in.

More than ever, the Lakers must look behind them in the West, or their 9th place could quickly go. It’s a now-mandatory win to take this Sunday against the Pelicans, putting huge pressure on LeBron James and the rest of the roster. You shouldn’t miss that.

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