The Confederation of African Football (Caf) has spoken in favor of continuing discussions on the organization of the Senior Football World Cup once every two years.

“At this stage, the Caf considers that the most important thing is to continue the discussions and deliberations, in an open-minded approach, with the objective of acting in the best interest of all the member associations, confederations, players and stakeholders from all over the world, ”wrote its president, Patrice Motsepe, in a statement. The body responsible for continental football recalls having « been involved in discussions between Fifa, confederations, member associations, players and other stakeholders, concerning the holding of the FIFA World Cup every two years » .

This approach « is in line with the decision taken at the FIFA Congress on May 21, 2021, on the basis of the proposal submitted by the Saudi Football Federation », recalls the Caf in the statement published on its website. « We propose that the Congress mandate the administration of Fifa to carry out a feasibility study on the consequences of organizing the World Cup and the Women’s World Cup every two years, on how this could be integrated into international calendars, ”adds Patrice Motsepe. “It is suggested that this in-depth analysis is not limited to the direct consequences of a two-year organization of these two competitions,” he explains.

The Caf, according to its president, also wants to be analyzed « the possible positive influence of a reduction in the number of international matches associated with an increase in the stake on the well-being of the players ».

The feasibility of holding the World Cup once in two years must also take into account the « increase in the value and prestige of these competitions », according to the African Football Federation. Caf is deeply committed to the development, growth and success of football in Africa, as well as in the rest of the world, recalled its president.

African football, he stressed, is « convinced that the growth and long-term success of Fifa, member associations and all confederations are inextricably linked ». « We also believe that the discussions and deliberations will enable us to find solutions together for the good of football and our stakeholders, on all continents », continues Patrice Motsepe.


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