World Cup: India beats Pakistan, Indian minister hails « new strike »

 » Another strike inflicted by Team India on Pakistan and the result is the same »Tweeted Amit Shah, Indian Minister of the Interior and considered the No. 2 in the government, in reference to the World Cup match, won by his country on Sunday in Manchester against the Pakistani neighbor. The meeting, which aroused enormous interest in both countries, was followed by more than a billion viewers. The term « strike » used by Amit Shah is related to the recent airstrikes by the Indian army in Pakistan.

India’s seventh victory over its eternal World Cup rival was the first meeting between the two countries since the suicide bombing by Pakistani militants in Indian Kashmir in February, which killed 40 Indian soldiers. In retaliation, India launched its first air attack on Pakistani territory in decades, before its neighbor responded the next day.

Desires for appeasement among supporters

Separated during the Partition of 1947, India and Pakistan have maintained strained relations since their independence and have clashed in three wars, including two around the Kashmir region. In this context, cricket, a national sport, which unleashes passions in both countries, is a highly sensitive subject. Both nations have arrested cricket fans supporting the opposing team on several occasions in the past.

Sunday’s match was nevertheless distinguished by the desire for appeasement of supporters on both camps. A Pakistani supporter thus admitted that India was  » a great team, without a doubt « , While an Indian fan praised the fact that the two countries clash » on a cricket ground rather than around borders « .

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