World Cup 2022: Peru wins the play-off spot for South America, Chile and Colombia eliminated

Peru gave itself the right to dream again in Qatar by winning 5th place on Tuesday in the single pool of the South American qualifiers which offers a play-off against a team drafted from the Asia zone thanks to its success over Paraguay ( 2-0). The four directly qualifying places before this final day had already been awarded to Brazil and Argentina, since November, to Uruguay and Ecuador, since Friday.

An Italo-Peruvian who offers the qualification

Qualif. World Cup – Amsud

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La Rojiblanca had their destiny in their hands and had to win at home against Paraguay who had nothing more to hope for. Mission accomplished 2 to 0. From the 4th minute the Italian-Peruvian striker Gianluca Lapadula, launched in depth, showed his people the way to follow to play, in June in Qatar, the play-off against the winner of Australia-Arab Emirates United.

Yoshima Yotun (42nd), with a recovery from the left horizontally, finished securing 5th place (24 pts), the same which had allowed Peru to access the 2018 World Cup in Russia after a victory in the play-offs against New Zealand.

Colombia and Chile say goodbye to the World Cup

In ambush at one point before kick-off, Colombia hoped in vain for the Peruvian misstep. His victory in Venezuela (1-0, goal by James Rodriguez) will have no effect. Arturo Vidal’s Chile, two points away, was mathematically in the race but lost at home against Uruguay (2-0, goals from Suarez and Valverde) who finished third (28 pts). Colombia finished 6th (23 pts), a very big disappointment for the Cafeteros who caused a sensation in 2014 (1/4 final) and in 2018 (1/8 final).

Qualif. World Cup – Amsud

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