World Classic: Carlos Correa will play at third base

Carlos Correa once said the only reason he would play third base was to play alongside Francisco Lindor.

Javier Baez had also agreed to leave shortstop (in the direction of second base, for his part) for the same and unique reason in 2021. We will have to start considering the fact that Lindor has a significant ascendancy over the others, not ?

Short. All that to say that Correa has already demonstrated that he does not speak in a vacuum. Why? Because when we all thought he was going to New York, he called Lindor to tell him not to worry about his position on the court.

My colleague Pascal Harvey wrote this recently: Correa told Ken Rosenthal that he called Lindor to tell him not to worry.

He did not hold the same speech for Brandon Crawford when we thought he was going to San Francisco for the next 13 years…

And there, Correa just demonstrated (once again) how much respect he has for Lindor as the Twins star agreed to enter the World Classic to play third base.

He will represent, like Lindor, his country: Puerto Rico.

And as if they had played together in New York, Lindor will be the shortstop and Correa will play, the time of a tournament, at third base.

I repeat, but it shows how much Correa respects his counterpart. Why?

Because we know how eager he was to see MLB put an end to the special defense. The 2021 Platinum Glove winner in Houston said he was « looking forward to being a shortstop again » for the 2023 season.

So it takes a special player to move it from there. And this, whether for a few weeks or for a few years.

And Lindor seems to be special.

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