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Brand campaigns that deserve to be in the spotlight this week.

By Gokul Krishnamoorthy

HP India | #DiyeSeDiyaJalao

The brand that gave us one of the most touching Diwali films in recent years has once again delivered on its promises. The 2021 spot looks a lot like the #GoLocal artwork featuring the lamp seller and the little boy. Either way, the prints are put to good use and to make a small business owner’s Diwali brighter. The use of the young boy as the protagonist makes the work endearing. Great performance and production elevate labor.

Facebook | #MoreTogether | Locust

Facebook, which stole the thunder from Diwali last year, came up with new work that stands out with a cricket theme. It is an ode to the millions of cricketers of India’s population of over 1 billion from which the few who play for the country are chosen. The brand manages to fit non-intrusively into the storyline with posts about someone’s first cup etc. The intensity and passion of this batch is captured in fast-paced, fluid settings from players across the country. Each of these players tells a story.

Titans | Mechanics | Move your world

It is not difficult to guess who the target audience for this work is. If the intention was to make the “mechanical” watch cool for a relatively younger audience, the mission is accomplished with aplomb and finesse. The brand signs with style, with the signature jingle that it is lucky to have in the ticking of mechanics.

Swiggy | Instamart Swiggy | Tea

Swiggy Instamart continues her dream run with yet another parody, this time about the iconic tea work of the Taj Mahal. The expressions on their faces are guaranteed to make you smile.

McDonald’s | Every souvenir at McDonald’s is worth something

The McDoland’s India @ 25 celebrations seem to have started off on the right note with this book, for online and point-of-sale activation. “Every memory at McDonald’s is worth something” is a beautiful thought that aligns with the brand that has reminded us in the past of the value of time spent with loved ones (at its outlets of course). The idea of ​​asking people to share memories in exchange for gifts stays true to the premise. The film manages to create the right atmosphere for the brand’s landmark celebrations with its customers.

Greenply | The Table | #YahanRishteBasteHain

Another feature film for Diwali that manages to get rid of the clutter. This one also stands out because the table is the hero.

Digital Reliance | #RishtonKiBoli

A festival is an opportunity to connect emotionally with consumers and which allows brands to take off on improbable but engaging tangents. #RishtonKiBoli is one of those heart-warming approaches.

Bournvita | #GetTheMessage |

From ‘Tan ki shakti, man ki shakti’, the spotlight is now on ‘Mann Ki Tayyari’. This is a commendable online initiative of the brand. These serious promotions with children – unable to speak to their own parents – opening up to viewers convey the seriousness of the problem and the complexity of the problem.

Bingo | Har Flavor Ka Alag Mmmm

Ranveer Singh’s wacky and over-the-top humor works again for the brand. The mix is ​​helped in a good measure by an equally competent cast. While the ridiculous plot keeps you interested, the proposition is inescapable.

Rapido | #SmartHoTohRapido

Aamir Khan and Ranveer Singh must be among the actors capable of playing any character in a commercial. Arguably, this is nothing more than getting the star to explain the benefits of Rapido in a role as a street food vendor. But he comes out with a characteristic flair, as one would expect. Most importantly, thinking about the ‘how’ helps the brand stand out. “Don’t become korma on a crowded bus” will be hard to forget for those who take public transport.

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