Work stoppage could be beneficial for Alex Bregman

Unlike some veterans like Jon Lester, who is taking advantage of the current stalemate to put an end to a multi-year career in the Major Leagues, Houston Astros star player Alex Bregman could benefit from a delay in starting 2022 activities to recover their health and return to a level of play that is theirs.

Bored by injuries in 2021, Bregman could not do himself justice, he who had experienced seasons 2018 and 2019 of very high quality, propelling him to the firmament of impact players.

Despite the bad reputation of his organization, no one questioned Bregman’s abilities, but his performances in the season as well as in the 2021 playoffs have cast doubt in the minds of many.

The 27-year-old had surgery on his right wrist last November, an injury that has plagued him for the past several months and largely explains a season that fell short of what the New Mexico native has given us. used to.

For him, getting more time to recover from this operation would be a blessing, but this means training camps will be delayed due to the prevailing lockout. Not a desirable situation for fans or for the baseball industry in general, we agree.

Recognized as one of the spark plugs for his team along with José Altuve, it was clear that Bregman’s declining performance was due to an unfortunate situation. The operation undergone in November explains many things.

For the past few days, Bregman has been given the green light to start hitting again and he intends to take full advantage of it.

Recall that at the start of the 2021 campaign, Bregman spent two months out of the line-up due to a major thigh (quadriceps) injury.

Let’s now hope that the number 2 of the Astros becomes again the player essential to the success of his team and that the last season is one to forget.

Bregman knows very well that he cannot count on an uncertain situation to get back in shape and that he must take double bites if the labor dispute is settled and activities resume in due course.

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