Women’s French Cup: Players enter the field « without » shorts or socks to protest against inequalities

They have reoffended. Like eight months earlier, the players of the club Bréquigny (Rennes) appeared on the field on Saturday during a Coupe de France match against Brest, « without » shorts or socks to protest against the inequalities.

The French Football Federation has a habit of providing complete outfits, with the logos of its sponsors, to the clubs involved in the competition, namely jersey, shorts and socks for each player. But this privilege is reserved for men’s teams from the 4th round. Women’s teams should only be satisfied with a jersey.

A difference in treatment that the players of Bréquigny, who play in R1 (3rd division), once again wanted to denounce before their meeting against the women’s team of Brest, they who had already trained with this only jersey, in under -clothes, on the occasion of International Women’s Day last March.

They thus entered the lawn “only” dressed in the jersey provided by the FFF, while their opponents, who wore the clothing provided by their club, had reserved a guard of honor for them at the exit of the locker rooms. To be quickly in a regulatory outfit at the time of kickoff, they had nevertheless taken care to enter with the socks completely down and the shorts hidden under the jersey. On the ground, they lost with a small goal (0-1).

Players demand equal treatment

Will this new action be heard by the FFF? The body, which had promised to solve this problem this season after the protest in March, assured that it would provide full outfits for women’s teams from next season. Otherwise, the players of Bréquigny will surely not fail to return to action.

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