Women’s French Cup – Montpellier – PSG LIVE

93rd IT’S OVER IN MONTPELLIER! Montpellier 1-3 PSG. PSG WINS AND QUALIFIES! Here is Paris in the last four of the competition thanks to the goals scored by Hamraoui, Geyoro and Katoto. Montpellier was not unworthy but the Parisiennes were superior overall in the game.

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92nd Paris awaits the final whistle to celebrate its qualification in the semi-finals!

Women’s French Cup

A Fleury-PSG derby in the semi-finals

07/03/2022 At 12:12

91st The fourth referee indicates two minutes of additional time.

90th Big mistake by Clarisse Le Bihan, yellow card for number 10 of the MHSC.

89th Faustine Robert is on the ground following contact with a Parisian. The last few minutes are hard to hold…

88th Luana’s opening is too long, Gabrielle Lambert grabs the ball and restarts the game.

87th OH BARBORA VOTIKOVA! The goalkeeper was very scared on this corner by releasing the ball in the air! Fortunately, no Montpellier had followed…

86th Substitution for Paris: Jordyn Huitema replaces Kadidiatou Diani.

85th The Montpellier women showed great things despite this score to their disadvantage. This bodes well for the future.

83rd New yellow card for Maëlys Mpomé, again against Grace Geyoro. It’s harsh…

82nd Yellow card for Johanna Elsig following this foul on Grace Geyoro.

81st Six meters to follow for PSG, which is starting to gain time.

80th Offside signaled for Kadidiatou Diani.

78th Substitution for Paris: Ramona Bachmann replaced Sandy Baltimore.

77th The deviation of Petermann on this center of Le Bihan! This is captured by Votikova!

76th Substitution for Paris: Sara Dabritz is replaced by Luana.

76th LAKRAR! His head goes over!

75th New Hérault corner, it’s growing!

74th Corner to follow for Montpellier, who are starting to believe it again!

73rd Yannick Chandioux asks his players to rush on the attack now, it’s double or nothing!

72nd BUUUUUUUUUUUUUUT FOR MONTPELLIER! MAELLE LAKRAK! Her head is only deflected by Barbora Votikova in her net! 1-3, Montpellier saves the honor!

70th Change in Montpellier: Mary Fowler gives way to Nérilia Mondésir.

68th Paris now plays much lower and wants to exploit counterattacks. The Montpellier women are wary and probably want to avoid the big correction on the scoreboard…

64th This time, the mass seems to be said in this meeting. Les Parisiennes will qualify for the semi-finals.

63rd BUUUUUUUUT FOR PARIS! MARIE ANTOINETTE KATOTO! The Parisian goalscorer drives the point home following this millimeter cross from Sarah Dabritz! 3-0, end of suspense!

61st Sakina Kachraoui remains on the ground, the Montpellier continue to play but the referee interrupts the development of the action thereafter.

59th The Montpellier push to reduce the gap, it must materialize with a goal!

58th Yellow card for Paulina Dudek, guilty of a foul on Lena Petermann.

57th JOHANNA ELSIG! WHAT AN OPPORTUNITY FOR MONTPELLIER! His head at the far post is not supported enough, it ends in six meters!

57th SARAH PUNTIGAM! His strike is countered, new corner for the MHSC!

56th Corner to follow for Montpellier! What if the narrowing of the gap happens now?

54th KACHRAOUI! His shot flies overhead!

53rd Yannick Chandioux asks his players to stay calm, the advantage is only two goals and there are still 37 minutes to play in regulation time…

52nd Montpellier reaction in stride but this does not lead to a strike, Paris is well in place.

51st BUUUUUUUUUUUUUT FOR PARIS! Marie-Antoinette Katoto does a good job and serves Grace Geyoro for the break! 2-0 for Paris thanks to its captain!

50th DABRITZ! The strike of the left foot is rolled up but it only grazes the skylight! The station wagon was very close!

49th Clarisse Le Bihan is knocked down by Ashley Lawrence, but the central referee does not give a foul.

48th Les Parisiennes control the ball at the start of the second period, Montpellier will have to uncover themselves in order to get the equalizing goal.


45th END OF THE FIRST PERIOD! Montpellier 0-1 PSG. The last free kick struck by Le Bihan did not result in a shot. Thanks to a magnificent goal from Hamraoui, the Parisiennes took the lead in this part and are getting closer to qualifying for the semi-finals.

45th Very good free kick to come for Montpellier slightly off-center on the right side! Sakina Kachraoui is forced to unbalance Faustine Robert.

43rd Faustine Robert complains of a blow to the jaw. The game continues.

42nd Corner to follow for Paris thanks to the good work of Sakina Kachraoui.

41st The Montpellier took a hit on the head with this opener, be careful not to dive before the break.

39th Slight discussion between Ollé-Nicolle and Chandioux, who explain themselves from their respective technical areas. It ends cordially.

38th Yellow card received for Yannick Chandioux for excessive protest.

36th Les Parisiennes gathered near the striker to congratulate her, it must make her happy after the extra-sporting affair she suffered this season.

35th BUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUT FOR PARIS! KHEIRA HAMRAOUI! What a powerful strike from the number 6 of PSG at 25 meters, the shot goes into the top corner! Note the excellent work of Sakina Kachraoui beforehand. 1-0 for Paris!

33rd Didier Ollé-Nicolle gives his instructions to his team, the Parisian coach wants a little more intensity from his players.

32nd New center from PSG, and new interception by Gabrielle Lambert in the air!

31st This is the first shot on target for the Héraultaises, in place collectively.

30th THE STRIKE OF FAUSTINE ROBERT! It is captured by Barbora Votikova!

29th On the other hand, Faustine Robert comes up against Ashley Lawrence. Paris regains the ball.

28th The game has been quite fluid since the start of the match, the two teams have been playing quality football. Few fouls are called.

26th Clarisse Le Bihan directs the Montpellier game and tries to break through the Parisian axis, but the central referee does not give Kheira Hamraoui a fault.

24th After a long phase of possession of PSG, the Parisian center falls into the gloves of Gabrielle Lambert.

22nd Les Parisiennes take control of the ball, but Montpellier are very well organized defensively for the moment.

21st In Montpellier, Mary Fowler is looking to play a pivotal role to give her team counter possibilities.

20th Foul on Kadidiatou Diani, very active at the start of the match.

19th The Montpellier are looking to get out of their own half of the field, but this leads to exploitable spaces for Paris in the back of the defense. Warning…

18th New intervention in the air from Lambert on the corner, excellent start to the match from the last rampart of Hérault!

17th THE GABRIELLE LAMBERT PARADE! The goalkeeper wins this duel against Sara Dabritz! Corner to follow for Paris!

16th quarter-finalist and fifth in Ligue 1 Arkema this season, Montpellier defeated AS Saint-Etienne in the round of 16 (7-2) and Albi in the round of 16 (6-0).

14th Authoritarian defense of Maëlys Mpomé in front of Sandy Baltimore. The Montpellier defender entered her match well.

13th MARIE ANTOINETTE KATOTO! The Parisian striker had a possibility to arm her shot but she preferred to chain feints and shift a teammate in stride! Montpellier defends as a whole and is doing well!

11th The Parisian pressing is currently causing a lot of doubt in the locals. Paris wants to gain the upper hand in possession of the ball.

10th After several successive corners, Lambert tears himself away in the air and suffers a fault! The Héraultaises can breathe a little.

8th Diani stumbles on Gabrielle Lambert! Corner to follow for PSG!

7th Sarah Puntigam’s long opening ends in six meters for PSG.

5th The eleven of Montpellier HSC: Lambert – Torrent, Skorvankova, Mpome, Elsig – Lakrar, Puntigam, Le Bihan – Robert, Fowler, Petermann.

3rd The Parisian eleven: Votikova – Kachraoui, Dudek, De Almeida, Lawrence – Hamraoui, Garoyo, Dabritz – Baltimore, Diani, Katoto.

2nd First Parisian offensive with Kadidiatou Diani but it slips away in six meters.


During their journey, the Parisiennes eliminated Dijon (0-0, 5-4 pens) in the round of 16 and defending champions OL (3-0) in the round of 16.

Hello everyone and welcome to this quarter-final of the Women’s French Cup between PSG and Montpellier! This meeting, whose kick-off is scheduled for 2 p.m., will take place at the Stade Bernard Gasset, Ground n°7.

Women’s French Cup

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Women’s French Cup

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