Women’s French Cup: in Rennes, we are (still) asking for shorts to play

It is the story of a rant that had given birth to a very good com ‘. On the occasion of International Women’s Day, March 8, 2021, the women of the Cercle Paul-Bert de Bréquigny, Regional 1 football club based in Rennes (Ille-et-Vilaine), had trained without shorts or socks. The goal ? Shine a spotlight on the inequality in terms of endowments for men’s and women’s teams from the French Football Federation (FFF): when men receive a full set of shirts, shorts and socks for Cup matches from France, the girls only receive the jersey.

Asked at the beginning of the year following the Rennes operation, the FFF announced « understand the demand for shorts and socks » and that it « will study this question for the 2021-2022 season ». However, while the first Cup match of this season is fast approaching, rebelote: not the shadow of shorts or a sock in the packages of the 3F. “Even if we are aware that it may not be easy to put this in place right away, we are necessarily a little disappointed,” admits Manon Tessier, midfielder and captain of the CPBB women’s team.

The pre-match protocol without shorts

On Saturday 20 November, they therefore decided to send a message, on the occasion of their first Coupe de France match of the season, against Brest (2nd division). “We discussed it with our president, who supports us, and the girls all agree,” explains Manon Tessier. The boys are also very supportive of us. Once again, they will therefore fall short against inequalities. The idea: that the pre-match protocol and the official photo be done « with the jersey as only equipment ».

“It remains in the continuity of last year: denounce an inequality that is there, glaring, develops Manon Tessier. The goal is not to overwhelm the Fed, not to cry either, because I think we are well off in women’s football in France. We don’t have the ambition to change everything, to revolutionize everything, but there is this little thing that can advance mentalities. In French football, gender equality must begin with equality in clothing.

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