Woj’s lunar focus in the soap opera Ja Morant!


Ja Morant will be suspended by the NBA. It remains to be seen when the punishment will be announced, as well as the exact duration of his absence with the Grizzlies. The leader will not escape the wrath of Adam Silver, even if Adrian Wojnarowski made remarks… surprising.

At the Grizzlies, we are probably preparing to spend a good part of the next season without Ja Morant in the workforce. After a new skid, we understood that the leader was going to be suspended for a while, even if Adam Silver planned to formalize the news after the finals. But when we look closer to his wordswe understand the disappointment.

A surprise suspension for Ja Morant?

There is a scenario where Morant is suspended for the season. This is to say how much the news is expected by many, and that is why the recent words of Adrian Wojnarowski are interesting. During an appearance on ESPN, he confirms that Ja is going to be heavily punished. But when talking about the duration, it is a very generous figure that comes up.

Adrian Wojnarowski « Adam Silver was very explicit in his comments last night, and it clearly doesn’t smell good for Ja Morant. If we start looking more closely at the length of his suspension… because yes, he will be suspended. An interesting number to follow? 17, because the NBA now has new rules with individual trophies where you have to play a minimum of 65 games. Giving him an 18-game suspension could eliminate him directly from those runs. »

« It’s available to the league. But given what Adam Silver said, the Grizzlies, the league, nobody thinks they can say, “Hey Adam, I think you were too lenient with Ja Morant. Whatever the number is, it’s going to be a big part of the Grizzlies’ season. »

Let it be said, it is almost impossible to see Morant being suspended for only 17 games. Remember that he had taken 8 games for his first suspension, and that he has now reoffended. The person concerned could consider himself lucky if he does not spend the entirety of the next campaign at home in view of the seriousness of the facts.

Ja Morant will not escape suspension, as confirmed by Adrian Wojnarowski. However, how long remains a complete mystery, but it’s likely that Adam Silver decided to be tough. We understand that the attitude of the leader is a serious problem.


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