Woj’s latest disturbing update on Ben Simmons!

Still awaiting his debut with the Nets, Ben Simmons does not yet know when he will be able to play. What if the bad news wasn’t over? Adrian Wojnarowski has just given an update on the Australian star, and we will have to be patient to witness his return to the courts.

New Nets player for a few weeks, Ben Simmons hasn’t had the chance to make his debut for his team yet, unlike James Harden. The Australian needs time, and it’s at the physical level that it gets stuck for him. In question ? Recurring back pain, which continues to delay his comeback, after almost 9 months without playing.

It’s not ideal for the player, let alone for the Nets, who would like to pick up speed before the start of the playoffs. Otherwise ? Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving and therefore Simmons will hardly have played together. Before the start of the postseason, and for a title favorite, we have seen better preparation.

Ben Simmons’ return delayed?

If some still had a faint hope, Simmons will not be in uniform on March 10. It’s the day Brooklyn takes on Philadelphia, the leader’s former franchise. Adrian Wojnarowski confirmed it live, while giving some more info on Ben, something to interest Nets fans.

There is a sense of urgency to put Ben Simmons on the court, to play with his teammates. The Nets are hoping that on Thursday, after the game against Philly, the Aussie can be on the court in training to play with them before he returns. But there’s no way he’ll play against the Sixers on Thursday night.

Sorry for show fans, Simmons won’t be in the game Thursday night to face the Sixers. You will have to be patient, because the health of the player is the priority. At the same time, the medical staff does not want to delay weeks to allow the player to return to the floor.

After all, the Nets are going to be playing big in the next few weeks, and that starts with securing direct access to the playoffs. Not easy with injuries, even if the return of Kevin Durant changes the game. For Simons, the last video of him in training is in any case not reassuring at all.

No Ben Simmons this week for the Nets, who will give him rest for his return to the courts, because of back pain. If all goes well, he will be on the pitch before the end of the month, which seems essential before the playoffs. We play big in Brooklyn.

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