Woj’s alarming update on the Lakers for the end of the season!

In a negative spiral for weeks, the Lakers can no longer chain victories, to the point that their place for the play-in is threatened. Adrian Wojnarowski has just given an update on the future of this team, and the supporters can logically be worried.

With 4 losses in a row, the Lakers may have just hit rock bottom for some and yet, the season is still long. Despite the record of 27-35, Frank Vogel’s men can lose their place for the upcoming play-in, especially since the Pelicans are just behind with their last victory this Friday evening. The coming weeks will be decisive.

But after such a debacle, which continues, one can ask questions about the future of this workforce. Will Russell Westbrook be benched? Will Frank Vogel keep his job for a long time? Many questions, but one certainty: the future darkens in the City of Angels, at least for the Lakers.

Disaster end of season ahead for the Lakers?

This is where the opinion of Adrian Wojnarowski is very practical, he who has just mentioned the Angelinos in the last ESPN broadcast. We learn more about the future of Vogel, who can rest easy, for now anyway. For Anthony Davis and Kendrick Nunn, absent, it is not glorious on the other hand.

They know that Anthony Davis is out and has missed a lot of games. Kendrick Nunn still hasn’t played… They don’t feel like it would make sense to let Frank Vogel go.

Despite the current period, the Pourpre et Or have not left to change coaches. That could change when Anthony Davis returns, but the front office still has hope. The goal ? Recover the star, but also Nunn, who will do a lot of good at the lead behind Westbrook. Next ? Access the play-in, and hope for a small miracle.

Yet, for others, LeBron would do well to end his season. At 37, should the Akron native waste energy on a season that already seems over? Some think so. In any case, we should be fixed in the coming weeks, and the Lakers can still lose everything.

No change for the coach at the Lakers, so far at least, and not until the workforce is complete. We are still waiting for new lineups in Los Angeles, to try to save this season, if possible…

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