Woj takes himself for Steph Curry and panics Internet users!

While he could take advantage of the All-Star Break to take a break after a hectic trade deadline, Adrian Wojnarowski continues to be talked about. This time, however, it is not for his scoops, but for his Curry shoot that he is turning the networks around!

While the period allows many players in the league to take a break from their overloaded schedules, it is also akin to a welcome “holiday” for key insiders. After inflaming the fans during the trade deadline, Adrian Wojnarowski, for example, is less active during this All-Star Break. A logical observation, which does not prevent it from making the buzz!

Woj humiliates Westbrook and Simmons with his shot

Despite the turmoil that is beginning to surround the buy-out market, no major signing has so far been noted in the NBA. For a few seconds, Woj’ therefore agreed to put his phone down and try his hand… at a small shoot workshop. Challenged by Chiney Ogwumike, the famous journalist turned out to be anything but ridiculous in front of the mini-basket!

Certainly, Wojnarowski’s 33.3% overall percentage will probably not allow him to obtain a contract, or even to participate in the 3-point Contest next year. Nevertheless, its beautiful shooting mechanics caught the attention of many Internet users, who did not expect to see it capable of planting bombs in addition to swinging them on Twitter. The latter therefore made it known with brilliant reactions!

Ben Simmons and Russ seeing Woj make the long shot look easy

If he signs a 10-day contract, is he self-Woj Bomb? « Sources tell me I’m signing a 10-day contract with the Knicks. »

After more than 20 years of career in journalism, and years of coverage of the NBA, Adrian Wojnarowski would he be ready for a retraining on the floors? The fans are in any case hot!

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