Woj ‘releases his excluded on Ben Simmons, discussions around a trade!

Kicked out by many fans after his rout of the playoffs, Ben Simmons sees his future dotted in Philadelphia. His agent would have recently met the 76ers front office according to Adrian Wojnarowski, and the hypothesis of a trade would have been mentioned!

As Bradley Beal hinted that he was planning on continuing his journey to the Wizards, and Zach LaVine was just as reluctant to leave, fans feared the worst. Indeed, with the approach of the offseason, the stars likely to leave their team and to animate the market were rare. Fortunately, Ben Simmons came to bring them out of their torpor.

Destroyed for his disappointing playoffs, the leader of the Sixers quickly saw the threat of a transfer melt on him. His rating in the league remained quite high. according to the latest rumors. Immersed in the file, Adrian Wojnarowski emerged from big indiscretions, including the underside of a meeting between the board of Philly and Rich Paul, the agent of the Australian.

Paul has gauged the Sixers on their interest in working together to find a trade before the start of next season, but no requests have been made, and the two parties are expected to continue discussing ahead of the July 29 Draft and the free agency. August, according to sources. The 76ers remain determined to keep Simmons as a centerpiece of their franchise, sources say.

As a good player representative, the figurehead of Klutch Sports sought to decipher the ambitions of Daryl Morey and his assistants vis-à-vis Simmons. The latter would therefore still be inclined to keep it, despite its recent difficulties. Just like Doc Rivers, who according to the journalist wishesESPN help his foal fill in his gaps.

The Sixers still plan to work hard with Simmons this summer to sort out his concerns with his shooting, and especially with his free throws. Doc Rivers and Simmons have met to discuss how to continue their collaboration, sources say.

At the moment, the track of a departure from Ben Simmons therefore seems to be losing ground in the face of this information. A serious blow for the haters of the leader Philadelphia fans.

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