Woj drops viral tweet about Westbrook, fans unleashed!

This Monday evening, Adrian Wojnarowski released a big blow of pressure on some Lakers fans. A tweet was posted about Russell Westbrook, with many thinking about his Angelinos trade. It is ultimately nothing, even if it is an important data concerning its future.

Mentioned in various trade rumors for a few weeks, Russell Westbrook knows that he could be exchanged very soon. The Lakers are looking for a way to send him to another team, but at the same time refuse to sacrifice important assets in this goal. His departure is very uncertain, but possible, everything will depend on the discussions to come in August. But a tweet from Adrian Wojnarowski gave supporters hope.

False hope for Lakers fans!

Among the Purple and Gold fans, everyone is unanimous: the leader must leave to make a new start. The ideal? A trade with the Nets, in order to recover Kyrie Irving in exchange. So when Adrian Wojnarowski dropped a tweet on Monday night, starting with Westbrook, some got their hopes up. This is ultimately not his possible trade, although the message in question is about his future.

Los Angeles Lakers star Russell Westbrook has signed with ExcelSports’ agent Jeff Schwartz to be represented.

A change of agent, which is never trivial in the league. Confirmation that the leader expects a departure, whether it takes place this summer or in a year. In the meantime, it is especially the fans who are frustrated by this false hope.

I thought that was the trade

The words “Los Angeles Lakers star Russell Westbrook” should not be used unless immediately followed by “has been traded”. We should report this for harassment.

Russell Westbrook not traded by the Lakers? Fans are frustrated, even more so by Adrian Wojnarowski’s turn of phrase. Whatever happens, we should know more during this month of August, but some are visibly impatient with the possible departure of the leader. It is however far from certain.

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