Woj adds a layer to the soap opera Ime Udoka! End of career in sight?

In the final with the Celtics a few months ago, Ime Udoka is now suspended by his team for the entire coming season. The penalty could even get worse for the coach, who simply risks the end of his career in view of the information reported by Adrian Wojnarowski.

While the resumption of the season will take place in a few days, it is not joy in the ranks of the Celtics, who must juggle between injuries and the suspension of Ime Udoka. The latter will be absent for the entire season after having had an intimate relationship with a staff person, which is prohibited by the organization for obvious reasons. A complex period for the coach, especially since he is married to actress Nia Long, very popular across the Atlantic.

Ime Udoka soon to be snubbed by the NBA?

A suspension, a probable divorce: Udoka is not in the best position, and as much to say that his situation is not going to get better. The Celtics have asked lawyers to conduct some investigations to learn more about the behavior of the coach, and new incriminating elements have been discovered in recent weeks, according to Adrian Wojnarowski.

An independent law firm’s investigation into Celtics coach Ime Udoka found he was using foul language with a female subordinate even before his inappropriate relationship with a female colleague began. An additional element which directly influenced the severity of his one-year suspension on the bench, as sources were able to indicate to ESPN.

Not only did Udoka have this much talked about relationship, but he was very rude to a colleague, unacceptable behavior for the Celtics. Woj goes even further, explaining that this single discovery makes it almost impossible for him to return to Boston in a year:

These investigative findings – which depict some very disturbing language from Udoka, especially being a superior – contribute to the fact that his reinstatement on the Celtics bench in 2023 is shaping up to be very complicated.

Having a relationship is one thing, but being disrespectful and rude to other people, taking advantage of your status, is totally different. As it stands, it seems almost impossible that Udoka finds the bench of the Celtics in a year, or even that of another team. Woj confirmed that opposing franchises, possibly interested in the coach, want to know what happened before committing:

The opposing teams have been trying to get a preliminary explanation for Ime Udoka’s suspension in order to potentially assess him for a coaching spot.

The soap opera Ime Udoka continues to reveal new secrets, while the career of the coach is seriously threatened in view of these revelations. It seems almost impossible to see him return to the Celtics bench, or another one for that matter if all the accusations turn out to be true.

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