Wizards: five more years for Bradley Beal?

It has been more than a year since the situation of Bradley Beal is unclear, and that the person concerned gives few clues about his future. One thing is certain, the back of the Wizards has a « player option » to touch 36.4 million dollars next season. According to ESPN, he will imitate James Harden and Kyrie Irving, and thus test the market by playing this release clause.

In Washington, we are preparing for it and his future contract is ready: 248 million dollars over five years. It would simply be the biggest contract in history, and only Nikola Jokic would be able to top it if he extends this summer at the Nuggets.

According to ESPN, there’s a good chance Beal will accept, and stay with the Wizards. Like Damian Lillard, the All-Star back wants to be the man of one franchise and he is counting on his leaders to build a team capable of mingling with the title.

If he were to refuse this offer to sign elsewhere, only the Pistons could afford it during the “free agency” with an envelope estimated at 43 million dollars, but it is hard to see him joining a team under reconstruction. There remains the “sign-and-trade” solution, but it will be complicated to set up with such a contract.

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