without shining, the Marseillais take a first step towards qualification


Sampaoli: « We were overwhelmed »

« It was complicated. In the first half, Qarabag didn’t let us play. We didn’t play very well in the first half. And in the second, we didn’t play at all. Collectively, we been overtaken tonight. » Speaking to RMC Sport, Sampaoli added that the team had « not played very well. » « We were superior to Qarabag collectively, that’s for sure, but we know that next week we will have to improve, » said the Argentinian.

OM have won two consecutive European matches…

The Marseillais had been waiting for this for 4 years. Also at the time, after 2004, OM had reached the C2 final… for a defeat against a Spanish club, Atlético Madrid, 3-0.

It’s over ! OM will have a two-goal lead on the return leg.

It’s over at the Vélodrome with a final clearance from OM. Without really shining tonight, but thanks to two cold-blooded goals from Milik and a final conclusion from Payet, when Kady had reduced the score, the Marseillais won 3-1 and could go to Baku with a precious lead. We will have to finish the work during the week to go to the next round.


DIMITRI PAYET TO CONCLUDE! OM take a two-goal lead!

On a body feint, Dieng surprises the Qarabag defense at the edge of the field. His center is extended by the Qarabag goalkeeper … at the feet of Payet, who propels the ball deep. 3-1!

Alvaro finds the bar!

On the corner, the central defender imposes himself in the air and … is upset by the opposing uprights.

Free kick for OM

Payet concentrates on placing the ball as well as possible. His strike is well placed, on target, but lacks a bit of power. Gugeshashvili manages to get the ball out for a corner, relaxing well.

Entrance to Gurbani

Change of the side of the attack of Qarabag with the exit of Wadji, for Gurbani.


It was starting to hang in the face of the Marseillais for a few minutes, by simply defending quietly without doing more. On a very strong cross from Andrade, Kady is found in front of the empty goal. 2-1… OM complicates the task.

Strong duels in the surface of OM

Luan Peres does not hesitate to go there with his shoulder to jostle his vis-à-vis and regain the ball. It was borderline, but the referee does not whistle.

Qarabag grows

Gurbanov’s players are trying their best to get back into the game and the double confrontation, even if it means relying on long shots. It’s harmless on Kady’s attempt, poorly controlled.

Mandanda flawless!

The OM goalkeeper is on all counts, again with a reflex save on a superb madjer attempt, even if the flag had finally been raised. Very solicited, the Marseille captain responds present.

Dieng warned

Bad sole from Dieng, who slips on the ball and grabs Andrade’s ankle. The Cape Verde midfielder finally gets up.

Gueye tries to launch Dieng

The Olympian striker lacks control, a little too far from him. This allows the Qarabag defense to intervene.

A change in Qarabag

The Azerbaijanis need new blood and something new if they want to come back to the game. Ozobic leaves, Sheydaev enters.

Quadruple change of Sampaoli

Jorge Sampaoli makes a big rotation for his team, in order to blow the titulaites. Milik, de la Fuente, Gerson and Cengiz Ünder come out. Payet, Bakambu, Guendouzi and Bamba Dieng come into play.

Zoubir to hit him…

The center-shooting of the former Lensois is totally missed. It will be a return to six meters for Mandanda.

Luan Peres warned

The left side is very late for his intervention on a Qarabag player. This offers a good free kick to the right of OM’s penalty area.

Mandanda twice!

On a very risky back pass from Milik, Mandanda is forced to come out of his box to clear the ball. But the danger remains close to the Olympian area and Kady can send a heavy shot… which Mandanda slams above his crossbar!

The head of Ozobic!

Found on a cross from the right, the player of Croatian origin tries to place a good recovery of the head… He is countered by Balerdi, who also intervenes with the head in front of Mandanda.

and Guendouzi is waiting

The former Arsenal midfielder should soon come into play for the last half hour, while not much interesting is happening on the pitch again.

OM manages

The Olympians buy time by holding the ball longer, while Qarabag struggles to find a second attacking wind.

The beautiful parade of Gugeshasvili!

The Qarabag goalkeeper intervenes on a shot from Konrad de la Fuente. The corner does not benefit OM then, Milik is penalized for a fault.

Ozobic full post!

After an excellent job by Zoubir, it was Ozobic who recovered the ball on a back pass… His shot smashed the post before leaving just as quickly. Mandanda hadn’t had time to move.

The strong center of Ünder

The OM winger has stood out since returning from the locker room by making the difference with his vista. But Milik could not conclude again, marked very closely by the Qarabag players.

Ünder opens Qarabag in two

The Turk hits full axis and finds a space in the middle of the defense of Qarabag, before shifting Milik. The Pole controls, fixes the defense and tries a shot… countered.

The game resumes at the Velodrome!

The second period begins with OM who will be able to manage their lead… and perhaps try to increase the score to definitely facilitate next week’s trip.

Milik in the footsteps of Drogba?

The Pole is the first scorer for OM to reach the bar of 6 goals scored in the European Cup in a season since… Drogba, in 2003-2004. The Ivorian had scored 11 goals and OM had fallen in the UEFA Cup final against Valencia.

The break in Marseille: 2-0

It’s half-time at the Vélodrome stadium, on this almost unexpected score of 2-0 for the Marseillais. But thanks to Milik, realistic on his first two real chances, the Olympians took the break and are now in an ideal position.

Mandanda’s good exit!

On a deep pass, Bayramov comes face to face with the Marseille goalkeeper… and loses his duel. Be careful, the OM defense had relaxed its attention a little.



On a nice laser pass from Gueye, after a high recovery, Milik can turn around in the penalty area and find himself alone in front of goal. His conclusion is flawless. 2-0!



On the center, Arkadiusz Milik is at the reception to place his head … well stopped on the line by a Qarabag defender, once again. But Milik followed well and only has to push hard. 1-0!

Oooooh the opportunity for Kamara!

On a free kick from Ünder deposited in the box, Gugeshasvili completely misses his exit and releases the ball… towards Kamara, who tries his luck from the left. The Qarabag defenders came back well in front of their goal and pushed back.

First yellow against Ünder

The Turk is sanctioned for a bad gesture, far from the ball, while a defender of Qarabag pulls his jersey.

It’s not that nothing is happening

But we are not far from it, with a few centers that are too imprecise and a terrible lack of offensive animation for OM. It will have to wake up a bit to hope to score at least one goal.

Strikes from Gueye then Kamara!

The first full axis strike at a good distance from the target is countered. The ball returns to Kamara, who lights up in turn… and sends a missile from just above the goal.

Marseille without reaction

The boredom of Thursday evening arrives very slowly before this match, with the Olympians who are unable to accelerate. Quite the contrary, and the adjustments with a change of position between Kamara and Gueye do not change anything. The Marseillais have been harmless for a good quarter of an hour.

Zoubir scrapes the ball

Luan Peres loses the ball far too easily and allows Qarabag to attempt a quick attack. Balerdi bothers Wadji well, Mandanda lies down on the ball.

Qarabag settles down

The Azerbaijani players are starting to put their foot on the ball and dictate their rhythm to the match. OM are no longer in the game and suffer far too much.

Milik’s strike!

At 20 meters, the Polish striker turns around and does not ask himself any questions by arming his shot. The attempt is deflected by Medvedev, Gugeshasvili then pushes back firmly.

Gueye and Ozobic explain themselves

The OM midfielder is unhappy after a very late intervention from his opponent and gets up quickly to make him understand. The referee tries to calm things down.

Ooooh the opportunity for Qarabag

Alvaro gets caught by a nice deep call from Wajdi. The Qarabag striker crosses back for Ozobic… countered by Balerdi.

Vigilant Mandanda

On a mischievous combination from a corner, the Qarabag players find an opening in the OM defense. The Marseille goalkeeper fends off the opposing cross shot with his feet, before grabbing the ball in the air.

The game is heating up!

After a huge comeback from Lirola to prevent Wadji from spinning, it was Cengiz Ünder who tried to lead a quick attack. He is picked up in turn.

Ünder’s wrap

It’s the turn of the other OM winger to try to stand out, through individual action. His strike lacks control and does not worry the opposing goalkeeper.

De La Fuente’s good move

The former Barça, facing « Barça du Caucasus », dribbled from the right side and transplanted in the axis to unleash a strong strike, near the first post. But it’s close!

Kady’s first strike!

It was the Qarabag players who finally tried their luck first, with a long shot from Kady… which clearly missed the target.

The game is on!

Milik can kick off this first match for Olympique de Marseille in the Conference League, against Qarabag.

Kick-off is approaching

The two teams are entering a moderately packed Vélodrome stadium, but with bends that will set the mood despite everything.

Mandanda holder and captain

Back in the OM cages for the first time since January 2 (in the 16th round of the Coupe de France), Steve Mandanda will also find his captain’s armband.

A great first for OM

The Olympians will have their first match in this new European Cup tonight, and face a club from Azerbaijan for the first time in their history… Even if Qarabag, for his part, has already faced French clubs in 6 times. For three defeats and three draws… and only two goals scored (at Saint-Etienne in 2014 then against Monaco in 2015, for 2 draws 1-1).

Qarabag with the former Lensois, Zoubir

The composition of Qarabag:

Gugeshashvili – Vesovic, Medina, Medvedev, Bayramov – Andrade, Ozobis, Garayev – Kady, Wadji, Zoubir


Balayev, Ramazanov, Richard Almeida, Mustafazade, Leandro Andrade, Ibrahimli, Gurbanli, A.Huseynov, Jaafarguliyev, B.Huseynov, Sheydaev, Akmedzade

Sampaoli tours with Mandanda, Alvaro, Gueye and De la Fuente

Jorge Sampaoli made several changes with Payet and Pau Lopez on the bench. Steve Mandanda makes his comeback in goal.

The composition of OM:

Mandanda – Lirola, Balerdi, Alvaro, Luan Peres – Gerson, Kamara, Gueye – Cengiz Under, Milik, De la Fuente


Ngapandouentnbu, Pau Lopez, Saliba, Guendouzi, Harit, Payet, Dieng, Bakambu, Caleta-Car, Kolasinac, Bertelli, Benyahia Tani

Few people expected at the Velodrome

Just over 25,000 people tonight

The revival game for Mandanda

Steve Mandanda is expected to start tonight

Kick-off at 9 p.m. at the Velodrome

After their very disappointing group stage in the Europa League, OM discovered the Conference League. And starts his new course tonight at 9 p.m., against Qarabag in the first leg


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