Without mercy, Nike does not laugh after having fired Kyrie Irving!

Following his recent scandal, Kyrie Irving has lost many sponsors, including his equipment supplier Nike. The comma mark is determined to remove the Nets leader from its history, the proof with this radical decision about it.

Kyrie Irving has angered many important people following his controversy at the start of the season. We no longer present the facts, everyone knows them, and following this highly publicized case the leader of the Nets lost many sponsors, including his equipment supplier Nike. If he will have to find new shoes to wear, the comma brand was quick to replace him.

Nike is selling off all of Kyrie Irving’s shoes

Indeed, a few days after the announcement of this end of partnership, the leaders of Nike explained that they would soon launch two new special models: one for Devin Booker, and the other for Ja Morant, who has everything to become the new face of the NBA. In parallel with this new start, the leader in the sports shoe market is doing everything to make people forget Kyrie as quickly as possible:

Nike has ended its relationship with Kyrie Irving, and the brand obviously wants to get rid of all stocks, even if it means drastically lowering the price of each model. When you know the quality and profitability of the product, it’s a pretty strong decision following recent controversies. The problem is that this business choice only brings light and support to the player that the comma brand no longer wants to represent…

I’ll proudly take some, Kyrie did nothing wrong.

Shoes made with forced slave labor are now on sale. Grab them while they’re in!

Wanting to make Kyrie Irving disappear the most rapidly possible in its history, Nike is offering a real spotlight to the player. His shoes are perhaps the best in the entire NBA, and the more people can see that when they buy the sale models, the more likely they are to follow him elsewhere.

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