Without even playing, bad news for the Lakers tonight!

No, the Lakers did not lose this Sunday night. At the same time, Frank Vogel’s men were not on the court, unlike the other teams. The news is bad enough for the franchise, which will have to look back in this finale. And watch out for a surprise…

With an improbable record of 30 wins for 41 losses, the Lakers are among the biggest disappointments of the season, especially for a franchise that dreamed of the title. Instead, we will have to settle for a play-in, at least in the best of scenarios. But nothing is done yet, because the competition is just there.

The Lakers lose another place!

This is the case of the Pelicans for example, who won 117-112 against the Hawks this Sunday evening. This is an excellent result for the franchise, since it passes in front of the Lakers in the West, taking this 9th position. She has the tie-breaker, which explains this new classification.

With their win today, the Pelicans reclaim 9th place in the West, and the Lakers drop to 10th. Both teams have the same record, but New Orleans has the tie breaker: a zero victory against Los Angeles. They face each other twice more.

The Pels won their game against the Lakers, which explains this place, but beware, because the two franchises will still play each other twice. Concretely, and given the end of the season which is approaching, it is the 9th place of the West which will be decided here. A simple victory, and New Orleans would have a considerable advantage in the play-in race.

But will the Angelinos manage to qualify? The question deserves to be asked, because the Spurs, 11th, won. In addition, their calendar (Pelicans, Rockets, or Blazers) is largely affordable:

The Pelicans’ victory drops the Lakers to 10th place. Only 3 games ahead of Spurs with 11 games remaining.

The Lakers need to look back as Spurs are not far behind with a much more favorable schedule. That makes recent defeats even more damaging for Frank Vogel’s men, who can lose big. The meetings to come will be decisive.

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