Without a filter, Shaq explains why the Nets will explode in flight

The Nets will have to deal with enormous pressure this season, with all the events of this summer. Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving will be followed closely by the media, just like Steve Nash, not blameless last year. Can the franchise win the title under these conditions? Not for Shaquille O’Neal, who explained himself on the failure to come in Brooklyn.

It’s a long-awaited campaign for the Nets, with a Kevin Durant who finally returns for a new season in the Big Apple. His goal remains relatively clear, despite the recent drama: to win a ring alongside Kyrie Irving and incidentally Ben Simmons. This is already a very difficult mission in normal times, but even more so in the case of Brooklyn with recent events.

We can be sure that the media will stick a monster pressure on this roster, which will not have the right to error. The slightest gestures of the two stars will be closely followed by journalists / insiders, and an explosion in the locker room would not be surprising. After all, the Slim Reaper wanted the departure of Sean Marks, but also Steve Nash, the coach.

The Nets locker room ready to explode?

It must be said that Nash is far from unanimous with his coaching. His speech does not pass, his interventions with the media are often missed, and some of his decisions concerning his players have been controversial last year. A coach more than ever in a difficult position, and that’s why the Nets will not win. It is in any case the assertion of Shaquille O’Neal, not convinced by Brooklyn.

“Before answering this question, I will tell you a little story. A person asked me the other day “Have you ever thought about becoming a coach? The answer for me is no. He asked me why? Because when a guy makes 20 times more money than you, it’s going to be very hard for them to respect you. It shows how much they don’t respect him.

Since their arrival in the Big Apple, the relationship between Nash and the two stars has been very complicated. The coach is still in office at the moment, but there is no doubt that he will not resist a failed start:

KD wants Nash to leave, then decides to stay and explains to you that everything is settled. Nah. It is not that simple. As adults, we can talk face-to-face, put things straight. But they are always present. So when things go wrong, Nash will take over. Him ? He’s going to have to ask for respect, but it doesn’t work that way. As a player, if you know you’re better than your coach when he was on the court, it’s hard to listen to him.

For Shaquille O’Neal, it is clearly this notion of respect that will make the difference for the Nets. Can Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving trust Steve Nash to win a title? We can afford to have serious doubts. An explosion of the locker room is not far away, at least if the defeats are linked.

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