With « Road Trip NBA », Rémi Reverchon plays the touristic guide for lovers of basketball and US culture

With his book NBA Road Trip (published by Amphora), the journalist Rémi Reverchon (BeIn Sports) offers us more than a simple tour of the 30 franchises of the North American league. Because the border between the middle of the orange ball and the other parts of American culture is as thin as the three-point line, the author takes us on a journey from east to west and from north to south by telling us also history, music, cuisine, sports and personalities from the 28 cities hosting NBA teams.

A journey that starts from Boston, land of the legendary Celtics, and ends at the other end of the country, in Los Angeles where the Clippers play, but especially the Lakers, the historic rivals of the C’s. Along the 243 pages of the book and with a funny, playful and personal writing, Rémi Réverchon plays the tourist guides in the country of Uncle Sam, with « the desire to tell about his love for the United States » which is not limited to basketball.

Hip-hop, the automotive industry and Motown

« When you love American sports, you are also steeped in American culture », explains the one who caught the virus through basketball as a teenager. Which is why he evokes the birth of hip-hop culture and throws his best hot dog address in New York City into the pages devoted to the Knicks and the Nets. And that the automobile industry and the famous Motown music label are mentioned in the chapter on the Detroit Pistons.

In addition to mixing tips, anecdotes and information on the 30 NBA franchises, Rémi Reverchon enriches his work with interviews with personalities affiliated with each of the cities. Various profiles: from the basketball player, former or current, (Joakim Noah, Pau Gasol, Nikola Vucevic…) to the local journalist who knows his subject inside out, for an even more total immersion.

« Wherever you go, travel! »

And because « to see an NBA game when you are in a city in the United States is part of the pilgrimage », Rémi Reverchon delivers his road trip recommendations for lovers of the orange ball and Michael Jordan’s country. For pure sport, « you have to go to Portland, the city of the Trail Blazers, which stinks of basketball ». And for more adventurous profiles, prefer « deep America » like « the depths of Texas » : from Houston, « take a rental car and walk around, eat a tasty barbecue, stop in Dallas to watch a basketball game ».

But whether your passion for the NBA takes you to New York, Los Angeles, Miami or New Orleans, he has just one piece of advice: « Wherever you go, travel! »

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