with « Perkz », star of League of legends, Vitality takes on a new dimension

This is the big blow of the transfer window in esport. By recruiting Luka « Perkz » Perkovic, one of the biggest stars of the « League of legends » video game, the French team Vitality is making the craziest transfer in its history and entering a new dimension, according to his boss Fabien Devide.

The info had already leaked from fans of video game competitions, it is now official: the Croatian « Perkz », eight times European champion of League of legends, rallies Vitality alongside two other major players, Barney Morris, aka « Alphari », and Matyas « Carzzy » Orsag.

They join « Selfmade », Oskar Boderek of his real name, and Labros « Labrov » Papoutsakis, who were already part of the team.

« It’s a change of dimension for Vitality », explains Fabien « Neo » Devide in an interview with AFP.

« It’s the first time we’ve been favorites to win the title, » he adds. « We’re not going to hide, the goal is to win absolutely everything. »

Emblematic player of the European structure G2 for five seasons, « Perkz », finalist in 2019 of the World Championships, had offered himself a one-year freelance in the lucrative North American championship last year, but wanted to return to Europe .

– « Cut to win » –

At 23, an age already advanced in esport, the Croatian will therefore bring his experience and his extraordinary talent to Vitality, who has struggled for the past two seasons on the flagship game of esport.

« Our objective is to be the No.1 team in Europe », launches « Neo ». « What we were sorely lacking were results on League of Legends. So we put the resources on the table to convince these players to join our project. »

Already coveted by Vitality last year, « Perkz » appreciated the constant interest of the French team. « That’s what made the difference between us and our main rival, » reveals Fabien Devide.

« He had the feeling that Vitality had wanted him for a while and it confirmed him in the idea that he was respected at home, that he would have an impact and that we were going to do everything to have a project. cut to win, « he continues.

With this all-star workforce, the club now finds itself with the obligation to win and can see things in a big way. « Perkz is a legendary LEC player (the European elite, editor’s note). To have this type of player, it puts Vitality at the top of the spotlight. Suddenly, it’s a great amplification, we have the attention from the whole world « , appreciates Néo.

« It’s another form of pressure for us. It’s a major investment of time and resources, but it’s potentially a team that, in a two-year cycle, can claim a final or a Cup victory. of the world if the mayonnaise sets and the stars are aligned.  »

– « New cycle » –

With the two other recruits, « we have a mix which is on paper very promising and very well composed », he believes.

On ‘Alphari’, 22 year old Welshman: « He is a very experienced player, who progresses every year, while he has been playing for many years. He is a hard worker and now it will be ours to play on its qualities « , appreciates Néo.

On « Carrzy », Czech, 19 years old: « He is an extremely intelligent player who is able to be a key communication complement in the team. And above all, he is an extremely positive player, a joy to living communicative. Elements like that are quite unique. « 

The year 2022 should therefore allow Vitality to « dominate European esport ».

« In 2022, the ambition is to bring back a title on all the games and the biggest titles each time », affirms « Neo ».

« I think it’s a bit key year for us. From an external point of view, many see it as a stack in poker. I don’t have that impression, I think it’s a transfer window to which a leading team must aspire, ”he said. « It’s a new Vitality, a new cycle, but it’s potentially the cycle that’s going to get us off the ground. »

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