With or without Porsche, Bruni would like to finish in Hypercar

Since the details given by Porsche for its LMDh program last week, the situation for the brand’s drivers has started to become clearer. Not being among the manufacturer’s pilots called upon to be part of it, Gianmaria Bruni does not expect a promotion and admits to looking for opportunities elsewhere for the future. Pillar of the GT since he joined the German manufacturer in 2018, the Italian driver would like to have a chance in Hypercar.

« At the moment no, I won’t be involved, so I don’t know what the future holds for me »he explained to Motorsport.com by evoking the LMDh at Porsche. « I haven’t spoken with the directors yet so I haven’t thought about what to do. Over the next few weeks we will see what the options are and what is best for me. »

In addition to Porsche Penske’s factory program, customer teams will run the Porsche 963 next year, including JOTA in WEC and JDC-Miller in IMSA. Projects in which Gianmaria Bruni is not more involved at this stage but which would « 100% » attractive to him. At 41, he doesn’t refrain from looking to other brands either, as manufacturers flock to the top category of Endurance.

« It would be nice, of course »he points out. « After going from Formula 1 and single-seaters to GT, it could be nice to end my career in Hypercar. But it also has to be a good package to do it. My first priority is Porsche, because I’ve been with two for five years, so I’m going to see what they think first. »

Matt Campbell tempted by IMSA

Among the drivers now guaranteed to drive the Porsche 963 next year, eight in number to date, the distribution has not yet been made. As one of the lucky ones, matt campbell is waiting to find out more but clearly has a preference for a program across the Atlantic.

The return of Porsche in prototype arouses a lot of interest.

The return of Porsche in prototype arouses a lot of interest.

« It’s not announced yet and I don’t know either »assures the Australian. « I would prefer to have the seat in IMSA, especially with Mathieu [Jaminet]. There are only two drivers in IMSA compared to three in WEC, and Mathieu and I have done everything for the last two or three years. Our relationships and our partnership in the car are very strong. And I also like the racing style in the United States. It’s really old school, like what I know back home in Australia. I prefer that. I’ve been in the WEC for four years, since I joined the young driver program at Porsche, and I really liked it. But I have to say that I really like the US style and racing. Hopefully I’ll know more in the next two months. »

As for the Porsche 963, Matt Campbell was able to test it on several occasions, notably during private tests in Aragón six weeks ago, and the sensations are there.

« She’s damn fast in a straight line, more than I’m used to »says the 27-year-old pilot. « But I would say that the gap between the GT and the LMDh, at least on the circuits where I have driven so far, is lower than expected, which is a good thing. These cars are much heavier than those of the old LMP1 category. There is a lot more downforce but with the weight, you can feel it. It makes the step a little easier to take. »

Interview by Jamie Klein and Andrew van Leeuwen

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