« With me, the Nets could have beaten the Bucks and made it to the Finals »


The Nets were cut for the title this season, but injuries played them bad tricks in the playoffs… And inevitably, some former players looked at the course of Brooklyn wondering what they could have done to help them… C ‘ is the case of a young talent evacuated in the exchange for James Harden.

The season is long over, water has flowed under the bridges, but the Nets can still have some regrets about the last playoffs. After having brought James harden in an XXL exchange, after saving Blake Griffin from his golden prison that was the Pistons, Steve Nash’s men failed to lift a Larry O’Brien trophy that was promised to them.

And this failure is not the result of chance … After a perfectly mastered first round against the Celtics, despite the huge Kyrie Irving controversy, Brooklyn had to deal with an avalanche of injuries… The leader fell due to a more than doubtful gesture by Giannis Antetokounmpo, and the Bearded Man was only 20% of his capacity since he only played on one leg …

Faced with this elimination, some players evacuated to bring in James Harden had to ask themselves some questions … This is the case of Jarrett Allen, who confessed in an interview with NBA Radio that he had watched the series against the Bucks wondering what he could have done to help the Nets win.

With my experience in this team, I know I could have helped the Nets. I’m not saying I would have been the # 1 option on the show, but I think Brooklyn could have beaten the Bucks and made it to the Finals with me. I could have helped them lift the trophy… Sometimes this idea runs through my head.

Jarrett Allen, who averaged 11.2 points and 10.4 rebounds last season in the Nets jersey, is convinced that he could have helped Brooklyn lift the title after the playoffs … And it is true that the young pivot has some great points to make. By his size and his timing on the blocks already, he could have greatly hampered Giannis, expert in penetration and finishing in the circle.

But would that have been enough to pass the Bucks hurdle? Not sure… And unfortunately for Jarrett Allen, he is not close to playing for the title, since the Cavaliers are only at the beginnings of their reconstruction! But in a few years perhaps, he will indeed be able to play a major role in the search for a ring.

Jarrett Allen could have helped the Nets this season, but he was evacuated to make room for James Harden… And without Harden, Brooklyn might not even have been able to pass the first round of the playoffs …


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