With Mark Stone out, could Vegas hit Patrick Kane?

In Thursday’s edition of Daily live face-to-facehosts Frank Seravalli and Tyler Yaremchuk discussed the Las Vegas Golden Knights’ trade prospects ahead of All-Star Weekend.

Seravalli and Yaremchuk looked at ways the Golden Knights could replace the impact of injured captain Mark Stone, and whether Stone’s suspended cap changes their delay strategy to include this season’s most sought-after expiring contract.

Tyler Yaremchuk: Our question in the inbox today is about Mark Stone, he’s had surgery and there’s a chance the Golden Knights will put him on LTIR for the rest of the regular season so the question is, if Stone is on LTIR, who is the dream deadline goal for the Golden Knights?

Frank Seravalli: The Golden Knights said he was going to be out indefinitely and expected him to make a full recovery, but were coy about it. When is this full recovery complete, is it before the end of the regular season, is it during the playoffs or is it next season? Either way, I think the Golden Knights have a great opportunity to keep Mark Stone and his back injury at least through the playoffs if they want to. That would open up $9.25 million to the team that likes to go after it like no other in the NHL. They are hungry to win, and the guy for me, also a right winger with lots of glitz and glamour, is Patrick Kane.

Tyler Yaremchuk: 100 per cent.

Frank Seravalli: It makes sense, Jack Eichel and Patrick Kane, possibly the best American-born players together on a line, can you imagine the magic? And the glitter, show in Vegas. It makes sense.

Tyler Yaremchuk: So much sense, it’s actually the only name I wrote. It feels like some sort of Vegas acquisition when you think back to all the players they picked up. Patrick Kane is the guy, Patrick Kane is the form, and I imagine he would be up for it as well.

Frank Seravalli: I think so, but here’s the thing, he’s probably not a candidate for re-signing. Unless Stone is out longer, and we don’t think he is, I don’t know how you could fit him in. This is where it gets really interesting for Vegas, you take Kane’s $10.5 million salary and cut it in half with Chicago’s retainer salary, and you’d still have change to go out and add a defender. We talked about it as their priority objective before this injury to Stone.

Tyler Yaremchuk: Fascinating stuff would be something and this Pacific Division would get really interesting if Vegas could add a piece like Patrick Kane.

You can watch the entire episode here…

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